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Why aren't we being sued? Because...from Krubinski vs Schmutzer-"truth is a complete defense against liability for defamation, regardless of bad faith or malicious purpose."

Friday, June 16, 2017

DeckTech's License Disclosure at CSLB Will Haunt Them for SEVEN Years

CSLB Will Disclose the Information About The Accusation Against Decktech on the Web
DeckTech "Willfully Departed From Trade Standards" 
DeckTech "Failed to Complete Project for Price Stated"
DeckTech Took an Illegal Deposit of $15,000
Requirement to Obtain Two Disciplinary Bond's Will Be Costly 

Decktech's illegal acts that substantially harmed a consumer will cost them dearly, even without their license being revoked. Read the final decision that revoked Deck tech's license with a stay upon completing a 3 year term of probabtion, issued by CSLB here 

From CSLB's website-

 Accusations that result in suspension, stayed suspension or stayed revocation of a contractor license are disclosed from the date the accusation is filed and for seven (7) years after the accusation has been settled, if no additional disciplinary actions have been filed against the licensee during the seven-year period

So right off, anyone looking up DeckTech's  license will, for the next seven years, see the complaint disclosure regarding this case. I suspect most rational people will quickly move onto another contractor without the baggage DeckTech has. I suggest you search further before considering contracting with DeckTech. 

Holding two licenses, DeckTech, and Hunter James, will have to obtain, in addition to their regular $15,000 bonds two disciplinary bonds for the two companies for an additional $15,000 each.  I spoke to a bond company yesterday who told me that disciplinary bonds cost apx 1-5% of their value depending on credit, findings by CSLB and other criteria. A worst case scenario for DeckTech then could be it costs them $4,000+ a year for two disciplinary bonds.

That cost is on top of the $3,615 DeckTech must reimburse CSLB within 30 days of this order becoming effective for it's investigative costs. 

There are better options out there than DeckTech, go find them. Why pay for their mistakes? Let them slowly strangle from overhead costs and no income, give your business to a company that doesn't have the issues Decktech does.