Why Don't We Get Sued? Because...

Why aren't we being sued? Because...from Krubinski vs Schmutzer-"truth is a complete defense against liability for defamation, regardless of bad faith or malicious purpose."

Thursday, July 7, 2016

DeckTech Delay's It's Day of Reckoning

A spokesperson from CSLB confirmed today that DeckTech's date with destiny has been delayed for a few months.

Not an uncommon tactic, getting a continuance allows Decktech to continue working as an active licensed contractor. In the meantime, the client, who was harmed by Decktech's actions or lack thereof, awaits justice through CSLB. They settled/closed a lawsuit earlier this year for undisclosed terms

Decktech's new hearing date is now set for November 14, 2016 and is calendered again for a three day hearing. Will the delay bring the process server back to try to subpoena me again? I'll let you know.

In the meantime, clients/potential clients are advised to consider that Decktech may not be around to back up warranties if their license is suspended or revoked which is CSLB's goal to do. Read the accusation filed against Decktech here https://www2.cslb.ca.gov/OnlineServices/Accusations/N2014-235/N2014-235-20151109-Accusation.pdf

You may wish to strongly consider other alternatives.

In this pic shot by a clients security cam, the tile installer is using a sponge on the grout joints.
This is in direct contradiction to the manufacturer's instructions to use a grout bag.

In this pic my keys fit under the tile, which they shouldn't. However, poor application of
thinset allowed this to occur. Hidden defects kill decks, let me inspect your Decktech installed deck!
Ron Mckenna of Decktech is seen in this file photo going to a mediation last year.

Decktech no longer sells their Granite Deck system, which is great news going forward,
but prior clients are still stuck with it. Here is another job I inspected that had
failing Granite Deck under tile.