Why Don't We Get Sued? Because...

Why aren't we being sued? Because...from Krubinski vs Schmutzer-"truth is a complete defense against liability for defamation, regardless of bad faith or malicious purpose."

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Confidential Source Confirms DeckTech Losing Contracts to Competitor

A confidential source confirmed to me last week that an Orange County waterproofing contractor has been winning a number of bids for waterproofing local projects.

The source told us that Specialty Construction, Robbins Reed and several others had awarded jobs to Orange County firm Systems Waterproofing, citing the fact that with an accusation hanging over DeckTech's head that will probably result in either a suspension or outright revocation of their contractors license, the firms have legitimate concerns that DeckTech may not be able to complete the project if they lose their license, but future warranties are at risk too.

Contractors are pretty risk averse, and when it comes to subs with accusations against them, you are in fact the hot potato no one wants to hold...

You can review DeckTech's license information and read the accusation made by the Attorney General's Office on behalf of CSLB by clicking this link.

Their hearing is coming up in November on the 14th 15th & 16th, a little more than a month away. Even oif DeckTech's license is simply suspended, the minimum suspension time is ONE YEAR, where they cannot work as a construction  company. Revocations of licenses are permanent.

I can only advise that you tread lightly when dealing with a firm that may no longer be able to perform an warranty work for you if needed if you choose to contract with them.