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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Attorney General's Office Confirms DeckTech's Hearing Has Been Held- "Decision Expected Within 4-5 Months"

Six Violations of CA Business & Professions Codes Alleged by CSLB for Prosecution by AG

Destructive testing at the job site revealed the workmanship
by DeckTech for examination by a CSLB investigator. 

Ron McKenna of Deck Tech faces 6 separate violations
of CA Business & Professions Codes which could result in suspension or revocation of his 2 contractors licenses.    

This morning, 12/8/16, Deputy Attorney General Sean Cook confirmed for me that the accusation filed by their office on behalf of the Contractors State License Board against DeckTech was heard by an administrative law judge. This is the c

Read the accusation against Deck Tech here  https://www2.cslb.ca.gov/OnlineServices/Accusations/N2014-235/N2014-235-20151109-Accusation.pdf

The basics of the accusation are that Deck Tech contracted with a homeowner, took an illegal deposit of $15,000 when only $1,000 max was allowable, took money ahead of work completed, abandoned the job, and failed to provide lien releases as payments were made to them.

Cook told us that each side will file final written closing arguments in the next several weeks.  He estimated four to five months before the decision by the Administrative law judge is handed down, at which point it will be posted to Deck Tech's license information listed at CSLB here;  https://www2.cslb.ca.gov/OnlineServices/CheckLicenseII/LicenseDetail.aspx?LicNum=796956 I advise you read any documents CSLB can legally release into the public domain concerning the accusation.

Deck Tech would have the legal right to appeal any decision that went against them which would add to the time that they remain licensed. Prospective clients of Deck Tech's are advised to monitor their license status and decide for themselves whether the risk to contract with Deck Tech is worth any potential risk. I advise that you contact other waterproofing contractors and get other opinions and bids, as always, check the license!

In the meantime, clients of Deck Tech's who are experiencing problems with their Granite Deck system are advised to contact us at 805-801-2380 for a full inspection and report to submit with any claims/complaints to the CSLB or Deck Tech's Bonding Company. Don't lose your rights by failing to act; possibly fraudulent claims may have been made by Deck Tech to convince you to buy Granite Deck, claims that aren't based on facts or independent testing.

I helped this homeowner recover his money from Deck Tech's faulty work and I may be able to help you too!