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Why aren't we being sued? Because...from Krubinski vs Schmutzer-"truth is a complete defense against liability for defamation, regardless of bad faith or malicious purpose."

Friday, February 10, 2017

Another Client Escapes DeckTech's Shady Business Tactics & Predatory Pricing

Morro Bay Client Is Latest Victim to Escape DeckTech's Clutches!

Did DeckTech Fail to Use Required "Service & Repair" Contract?

Ambiguous Terms in DeckTech's Proposal Can Easily Fool Consumers That Results in Unanticipated Bills for Hundreds of Dollars!

DeckTech Sent Customer a Bill For Over $700 After Customer Declined to Contract With Them!

Ron McKenna, owner of DeckTech Inc in Grover Beach had a client in Morro Bay pretty close to biting the hook he was dangling, but the client was a little wary and before he could set the proverbial hook, the client did some research on Google. 

It was lucky they did, because the client saved themselves from buying into DeckTech's proposal for work that would have cost them $21,327 + change orders! The client found us and called. After listening to their story I drove to Morro Bay to find a small roof deck apx. 10 x 14 feet, maybe a little more in size...plus a 3 x 3' area where the landing for the stairs meet the deck. The cost quoted for the deck work alone, not including plywood replacement, was $14,480.00. Approximately $100 dollars per square foot! 

Other work that brought the total to the $21,327 figure was drywall and insulation work and some roof repairs for $6,487. Way overpriced for the amount of work, I calculated these repairs to be valued at around $3,000-$4,000 total. In my opinion the pricing DeckTech is giving borders on predatory pricing; competitive bids were given by other contractors for thousands less. 

DeckTech didn't charge the client for performing some minor demo work; they said in their Deck Assessment Findings & Additional Recommendations something about "temporary protection...Cost for this service will be factored in total project budget and no fee is due at this time until inaccessible areas can be exposed..." and then doesn't say anything about the "Value" of this service. This is very ambiguous and I don't see where it meets CSLB or Business & Professions contract requirements. 

Still the client had Decktech remove some old wood decking to expose underneath to inspect and perform "water testing".  Not a lot of material was removed nor was it removed from the deck. DeckTech then gave the client a estimate for $21,327 and the client did some research and declined to enter into a contract. DeckTech then sent them a bill for over $700, including "travel time" and other charges. We advised the client inquire with a legal advisor, but we don't see where Decktech has a leg to stand on to try to collect. 

From what we see, a "Maintenance & Repair" Contract should have been signed, for up to $750.00 of work opening and temporarily patching the deck until long term repairs could be made. They didn't have anything signed that we saw that provided a cost or any of the legally required items in a contract for money. 

DeckTech "Deck Assessment" With Findings and Recommendations

This client of DeckTech's walked away from doing business with them after contacting us. I advised them to check their license and decide for themselves whether to do business with DeckTech. The client decided the risk wasn't worth it especially given the cost compared to other bids they have received. 

Once again a prospective client wisely does their research and saved themselves substantial sums by shopping around. 

So far we estimate that DeckTech has lost over $160,000 in work from clients who Googled and found out the truth about DeckTech from us! Let us know how much you saved by declining to do business with DeckTech!