Why Don't We Get Sued? Because...

Why aren't we being sued? Because...from Krubinski vs Schmutzer-"truth is a complete defense against liability for defamation, regardless of bad faith or malicious purpose."

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Clients With Bad Experiences With Decktech Encouraged to Leave Their Reviews on Yelp, Angie's List, Google & Facebook


If you've had a less than satisfactory experience with DeckTech, Inc of Grover Beach, let others know how you feel and give DeckTech a review at one or all of their review sites like Angie's List, Yelp, Facebook and Google. 

DeckTech seems to be trying to collect "good reviews" to counter this site's information. Consumers like you wish you knew about DeckTech before they contracted with DeckTech,  please let others know what happened to you so it doesn't happen to others. 

You can also send us a copy of your review to deck.expert@gmail.com

(requires a free membership)

Remember, tell the truth, use facts, post pictures documenting your work or any contracts/proposals etc. 

Here's Ron McKenna's response to a review left at Angie's List. The irony of McKenna commenting on intelligence with his spelling errors is rich indeed. 
To XXXX,First of all I have not been to site twice for XXXX, so you need to recheck your facts! I also only left XXXX one message yesterday so again your facts are clouded! Secondly the Association is a CLUSTER and your ignorant request [those two words were in red] is exactly why Board & Association is in the position of having nothing but Shotty work completed with no intension by Contractors to warrant any of it. I am here to tell ya, you deserve exactly what you are paying for at this Association because you ignore the Experts in the Industry and take the dummy approach. 
 Good luck when membership sues you for squandering their monies! Ug! A little intelligence goes a long way, I suggest you listen more to Professionals in their respected trades. Hum, what is it you do for a living? 
Ron J. McKenna PresidentDECKTECH, INC.Phone: 805.544.3325 


Description of work:

This review is not about a companies' work - it is regarding unprofessional behavior.
This company was contacted to give a bid on deck repairs for two decks in a condominum complex. A licensed contractor, who is also a home owner in the complex, was working for the HOA and given the task of overseeing the bid arrangements and meeting with the company representative regarding the decks in question. The contractor's wife does the office tasks related to phone calls, emails, and scheduling (she is a licensed professional in a school district). Apparently a representative of the company came out once and did more of a walk-around rather than a specific deck inspection, so the owner/president also came out and met with the contractor to see two specific units to consider for bid. (Meaning representatives did come to the site twice.) While the initial contacts seemed to go ok, when she called to check on the status of getting the bid information in time for an HOA Board meeting the President of the company apparently became upset at the request and told her they "don't give bids" and at some point hung up on her.  A day later she received an email which is written word for word below (including spelling/grammer). No matter what reason the owner had for his anger, nor whether his reason was valid or not, the email says it all.....This company is NOT professional, no matter how well they do their job. You decide if you want this company working on your home.

Signed: Board Member for the Homeowner's Association  

Friday, March 24, 2017

@CSLB HOME SELLERS BEWARE! Always wonder what a contractors motivation is when doing a "free inspection"!




A client in Arroyo Grande found this website and after reading more about DeckTech, quickly realized that they were the last company he wanted to work on his deck. 

When he placed a call to us asking for help, I responded and inspected the deck with the client. From my initial inspection, there is some damage from some leaks around some columns on the edge of the deck. Some decking and the columns will need to come off and new plywood be installed on the floor, then the columns can be rebuilt. The wall at the house to deck will need to be opened to fix weep screed that is below the level the tile surface. 

What is DeckTech's motive when doing a "free inspection" on a deck on a property for sale? Wonder no more, they want the work and as seen below, have some remarkable pricing. When I say remarkable, I mean it's the most blatant rip off you can imagine. 

Limited substrate damage around the column can be seen. The exterior stucco and framing needs to
be replaced, but my opinion is that based on my observations, the deck can be repaired and made whole.

DeckTech's assessment was everything, including all tile, waterproofing and the plywood MUST come off. The price? $112,344.00. To me it seems very excessive. Pricing is over $100 a square foot, similar bids I've seen are closer to the $60-$70 psf range. 
This breakdown of costs shows the absolute ridiculousness of the total cost. 


Interestingly DeckTech is doing deck inspections for their attorney, John Hodges. Hodges just recently represented DeckTech at a CSLB hearing over an accusation against DeckTech for 6 violations of the Business & Professions Codes that regulate contractors. In that matter, a administrative law judge issued a decision that would allow DeckTech to keep their license. The CSLB has rejected that decision and will decide the case themselves. 

John Hodges is in the market for a home; he has the right to make his inspections and do his due diligence. That's fine and well. However, it appears DeckTech has violated another CSLB rule governing home inspections-
It is an unfair business practice for a home inspector,… to do any of the following: 454 SECTION VI. LICENSE LAW, RULES, REGULATIONS, AND RELATED LAWS (1) To perform or offer to perform, for an additional fee, any repairs to a structure on which the inspector, or the inspector’s company, has prepared a home inspection report in the past 12 months. (2) Inspect for a fee any property in which the inspector, or the inspector’s company, has any financial interest or any interest in the transfer of the property. (3) To offer or deliver any compensation, inducement, or reward to the owner of the inspected property, the broker, or agent, for the referral of any business to the inspector or the inspection company. (4) Accept an engagement to make an inspection or to prepare a report in which the employment itself or the fee payable for the inspection is contingent upon the conclusions in the report, pre-established findings, or the close of escrow.”

So knowing that, we have evidence that appears to show Decktech violated that after issuing a report of inspection on a property in Arroyo Grande, then they provided a contract to their attorney to fix the deck within 12 months of the inspection. 

Inspection Report for Deck on Property For Sale

The contract is made with DeckTech's attorney, instead of with the seller.
Never the less, DeckTech, as I read the law, cannot provide a bid to fix the deck,
having prepared an inspection report. 


One of the things that crossed my mind on this deal was "Is this a scam? Or is it just predatory pricing? Or is it both?" 

Why do I think this? Simple-Hodges is DeckTech's attorney. DeckTech probably owes Hodges money for fees for legal representation. 

How would I run this scam if I were to? Simple, acting as a specialist deck inspector, find things wrong with a deck. Say the whole deck needs to be redone. The seller really wants to sell, and the buyer really wants to buy...so I high pressure the seller to give a $112,000 credit/set aside at closing to fix the deck. The buyer has the deck fixed at a lower price than the set aside, but a bill for the $112,000 is put in, escrow pays it and no one is wiser. Maybe I get a $50,000 credit towards my legal fees even? Dunno, but I know when something stinks!

Whatever it's probably just a figment of my fertile imagination...

Friday, March 17, 2017

DeckTech's New Scam?

DeckTech Now Asking For "Waivers of Liability" For Not Obtaining Building Permits

Consumers Can't Waive Their Rights 

DeckTech's Exorbitantly High Priced Bids Are Shocking!

I obtained a copy of a bid from DeckTech from a client of theirs who has wisely gone shopping elsewhere. The bid contains an item that grabbed my eye as on another bid I have this clause wasn't in there...a clause that they want you to to sign a waiver to absolve them of liability for not getting a building permit. Well, ok, they can't; I mean they can but it's unenforceable. 

Their $1,200 fee is a ransom demand for getting a permit. "Drawings and Management fees", these guys are ridiculous. 

Do yourself a favor like the client in Morro Bay did herself, say goodbye to DeckTech and go find someone else. You'll be glad you did I think. 

DeckTech's New Scam-Asking You, the Consumer, To Sign a "Waiver" Absolving DeckTech of Getting A Building Permit

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

CSLB Rejects Judges Decision-Is Coming Gunning for DeckTech

CSLB Has Right To Accept or Reject ALJ's Decision

A Witness for DeckTech Has Lied Under Oath in Other Cases & Appears to Have Lied Under Oath Giving Testimony in This Case

DeckTech Remains In Business While Case Is Active

DeckTech Inc remains in business after the CSLB rejected a Administrative Law Judges decision to allow DeckTech to have them pay $28,000+ in damages and $3800 in investigative costs on a case stemming from a complaint filed in 2013. At this time their license remains active as CSLB continues to pursue justice.

On February 23rd, the CSLB announced their decision to decide the case with a "Non-Adopt Order"

This case is a result of an accusation be filed against DeckTech for violations of the CA Business & Professions Codes. DeckTech was charged with taking to much money up front on a job, getting paid for work not completed, failing to provide lien releases among others. 

The evidence presented by DeckTech Inc via two "experts" David Mazor (aka David Krubinski) and Mark Marsch is tenuous. Marsch's testimony was discounted as the evidence vs his testimony showed he was either ignorant of tile deck applications or he was lying. Mazor testified that the Nevada Coating Systems product was "identical" to the Carboline product that was "substituted" for NCS 6000 UVS. 

I've never laid eyes on a bucket of Nevada Coating System labeled product in 6 years of watching this product be installed by DeckTech. All I've ever seen are red buckets similar to Carboline labeled "DeckTech" or Carboline ET buckets. 

Mazor testified that his product could be installed over a variety of surfaces, but Carboline ET spec's only discuss concrete, not wood or metal. A conversation I had with a Carboline rep in 2015 led to they saying that private labeled materials they sell to someone is under that private labelers responsibility for using it as they see fit, but using Carboline cans would confuse consumers into thinking that Carboline approved the application.   

It is apparent Mazor and Marsch lied under oath. Mazor has a history of doing just that, in a case Krubinski vs Schmutzer and a case where he sued an investment fund after losing a lot of money-REFCO. Mark Marsch left his reputation as a consultant on the dirty floor by providing testimony that was false. 

The case continues and I will be providing evidence to CSLB about the lies told trying to save their friend Ron McKenna. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

DeckTech Trashes The Deck Waterproofing Products They Install in Their New Blog Post

DeckTech Inc just can't help themselves; they recently turned on their own manufacturer's products from Westcoat, Mer-Ko & Life Deck. DeckTech advertises at their website that they are "proud partners of" Mer-Ko, Westcoat & Life Deck. With friends like DeckTech, who needs enemies?

Then they print a blog post that proceeds to thoroughly trash the systems they install. http://www.decktech.org/Blog/2017/March/Why-Coating-Assemblies-Fail.aspx#~k6w0s4

From their post-

"The Acrylic Cement coatings Life Deck, Desert-Crete, West-Coat and numerous others, all fail here on the coast." 

"The Slip-Sheet deck coating Merkote Weather-Deck is a soft Neoprene and as photos indicate they dent and ding easily if items are dropped on them or furniture moved around on them. They also have chronic issues with nail heads backing out and penetrating through coating. This assembly has been in use for years but very out dated due to new technology in the coating industry. This assembly needs a lot of TLC and if not given this attention will fracture and fail.

Wow, what can you believe? Are the Westcoat, Life Deck or Mer-Ko systems they sell really that bad? Or is Decktech really just stupid for reposting an article they originally posted in 2012?

All I can ask is why are manufacturer's doing business with a company that hates their products? DeckTech talks about Granite Deck, but that system is not mentioned anymore on their website due to the myriad number of problems that have with it failing.  
Having problems with DeckTech? Call 805-801-2380 today for immediate help.