Why Don't We Get Sued? Because...

Why aren't we being sued? Because...from Krubinski vs Schmutzer-"truth is a complete defense against liability for defamation, regardless of bad faith or malicious purpose."

Monday, November 9, 2015


DeckTech Inc of Grover Beach has been accused of multiple violations of the Business & Professions code in a accusation filed by the State Attorney General's office we've learned.

Along with five we knew of, a sixth has been added, failing to obtain a building permit. With 6 violations of the law, can anything but immediate revocation be the answer? I hope not...

Serious charges indeed! 

At DeckTech's license listing at the CSLB website   it clearly shows that with this "additional status" notice
    Disciplinary action is pending against this licensee in the form of an accusation. For further information, please call the Case Management Office in your area: (916) 255-4041 Northern California or (562) 345-7656 Southern California.
DeckTech's license will either be suspended or revoked after the conclusion of this accusation. Decktech is entitled to a hearing and due process, however, little we've seen indicates they have a chance in hell of winning based on the stats of CSLB with accusations upheld vs overturned. 

Decktech's license status clearly shows an accusation against them
in todays screen shot. 

Consumers are cautioned to take every protective measures they can now who may be contracted with DeckTech. Always get lien releases with each payment made, never let money get ahead of the work, never pay the final balance until EVERYTHING is done to your satisfaction. Make complaints directly to CSLB for any work, money, warranty whatever issues you may have with Decktech. Claims for work issues can be made with their general liability insurance carrier.

Considering DeckTech for work on your home or business? Well consider carefully....

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Decktech's Internal Notes Reveal Employees Feelings on Certain Client- "A Pain In The Ass"

Copies of notes from DeckTech's job files reveal their feelings on a client of theirs.

"Pain in the ass Sheri" is apparently Sherri Ruiz of Grover Beach, who has some warranty issues with her deck and is resisting DeckTech's pushing the "Annual Deck Maintenance Agreement" on her.

In job notes from job files we received from an internal source, on 10/1/15 some logged in the job notes "rec an long as (sic) email from pain in the ass Sherri. I just ended up calling her. she does not want the ADMA she only wants the reseal for $395."

Other notes reveal that warranty work will take at least a month...and that the work won't start til the 28th of Oct per Saul.

Sherri is smart in refusing the DeckTech ADMA, it's a BS scheme designed to part you from your money.

So here we have again more disdain shown for clients direct from employees...a corporate culture that can only start at the top with Ron McKenna??? We are reaching out for more info from Sherri Ruiz and will update this information as we get more.

Clock is About Run Out For Decktech...License To be Suspended at 12:01 AM 11/4/15 if Workers Comp Policy Isn't Filed

Due diligence is always required when hiring and working with contractors. That's why it's important that consumers are aware that as of 12:01 am tonight, unless Decktech has filed a workers compensation policy with the CSLB, their license will be suspended. Click to view their latest license status.

It certainly is possible that the workers comp insurer files a certificate with the CSLB today, thereby averting the automatic suspension. It is a violation of license laws in California for an employer to have workers without covering them with workers compensation insurance. If a worker is injured on your property and the contractor doesn't have insurance, you probably will get stuck with the hospital and rehab bills...

One of the thoughts that crossed my mind is maybe they aren't getting renewed or a new policy in place is because potential insurer's are looking at their license status and seeing a complaint disclosure and that an accusation is about to be filed which may result in a license suspension or revocation...who would want to write a policy with that possibility and possible risk of non-payment?

Well, stand by and check the CSLB website for updates on their license...

If you see Decktech working tomorrow and have determined that their license is in fact suspended, you can file a complaint with the SWIFT team of CSLB that will come and check a jobsite. Find more info here at this link http://www.cslb.ca.gov/Consumers/Report_Unlicensed_Activity/

Screen shot taken Tuesday 11/3 at 8:20 am. 

DeckTech has a past history of being suspended for not having workers compensation insurance and had a bond cancelllation due to a claim on the bond; these occurred in 2013 for the workers comp and in 2015 for the bond license suspension. 

This photo from 2/11/15 shows a Decktech employee on site at a job. 
In 2013 DeckTech's license was suspended for lack of workers comp insurance. 

Suspended in early 2015 after a claim against their bond was paid by the Bonding Company, they weren't paid back until after CSLB suspended DechTech's license. CSLB is currently investigating whether DeckTech employees were working on the days the license was suspended. Evidence we provided CSLB seems to show they were...


Got Problems With Your DechTech Deck? You Are Not Alone...Despite What They Say

Decktech loves to crow about their satisfied clients...pushing some it seems to write rather stilted reviews on Yelp and for their website. If you visit DeckTech.org.testimonials you'd think you found gold based on the "reviews".

Well behind every testimonial there's usually a unhappy customer or two here and there...but with Decktech...well lets just say that the "Warranty List" of DeckTech's that we got is, er how to say, rather extensive...

Every company has a few clients that needs "warranty work" but the list of 22 names we got is a lot...makes us wonder what's going on. This list of 22 names comes from a high ranking employee in the company who passed it on to us...

You may wonder too, and before you just run off and buy something because it sounds really good (remember, if it's too good to be true, it is) maybe you should review the unhappy client list of DeckTech's and talk to these clients and see if they would use them again...


1.) Bonnie Mello 290 5th Street Grover Beach.
2.) Steve Freyaldenhoven 5896 Birkdale Lane SLO
3.) Jerry & Kim Scott 1110 Button Sage way Arroyo Grande
4.) Christa Lowry 542 Via La Barranca Arroyo Grande
5.) Janene Cooper 3560 Studio Drive Cayucos
7.) Arlene Stone 1320 Pineridge Morro Bay  New overlay on decks coming
9.)                       1380 Foxenwoods
10.) Gary Beatson 539 Palos Seco Arroyo Grande Had warranty work done in 2014, needs more in 2015
11.) Maggie Woodward Avila Beach
12.) Sherri & Bob Ruiz 1192 San Sebastian Court Grover Beach  Job notes show Sherri is a pain in the ass.
13.) Lynn Bjoklund 1893 Laurel Place Cambria
14.) Robert & Lauri Davis 6480 Rocky Canyon Atascadero
15.) Steve Guichard 8555 Corriente Road Atascadero
16.) Bob Cochran 285 Lawrence San Luis Obispo
17.) Candy Davis 40 St Mary Street Cayucos
18.) IFixIt 1330 Monterey St San Luis Obispo
19.) Connie Main 1239 Aberdeen Grover Beach
21.) Randy Voss    Christine Way Pismo Beach