Why Don't We Get Sued? Because...

Why aren't we being sued? Because...from Krubinski vs Schmutzer-"truth is a complete defense against liability for defamation, regardless of bad faith or malicious purpose."

Monday, July 17, 2017

Deck tech's Owner Has a Lot To Lose; Working While On a Suspended License is A BIG Risk

Ron McKenna's bet is he can work with a suspended license without getting caught. 

DeckTech Inc has had a suspended license now for a week. 

Since last Monday when after a last minute attempt in court to stay a probationary license status, it backfired and without a required disciplinary bond ready to place with CSLB, their license was promptly suspended and remains so. Click here to check current status. 

DeckTech's owner Ron McKenna is thumbing his nose at the CSLB suspension however, having been found  working at two jobs thanks to tips from the public. One tip alerted us to their job in Pismo Beach in the tony "The Bluffs HOA" on Bluff Dr. 

Thanks to their sign, it's pretty clear who's job this is. By law no work can be performed, bid on, or employees be on a job. 

DeckTech Inc is working on a project at The Bluffs in Pismo Beach. Not for long.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Reference I Wouldn't Touch With a Ten Foot Pole-Local Celebrity Attorney Jim Duenow Provides A Declaration for DeckTech

“How about if I punch him?”
Local attorney Jim Duenow spoke those words as he walked out of a San Luis Obispo courtroom March 6. 
Deck tech's Application for a Stay on Their Probationary
License Was Denied by The Judge

DeckTech Inc's Attorney, John Hodges, has actually thrown shit on the wall to see what sticks. Shit as in local "celebrity attorney" Jim Duenow, who has thrown his "good name" into the hat of DeckTech's  references. 
Duenow we will all remember infamously offered to punch opposition attorney James Wagstaffe in a SLAPP hearing last year for Cal Coast News during a slander/libel trial he represented them in. 
Duenow's license to practice was apparently suspended while he was representing Cal Coast News. In a civil matter. The CAS State Bar lists his license as being "Not Eligible to Practice Law" as of 7/1/16 and not until 3/8/17 did his license become active again. 
So now this fine upstanding individual has said "DeckTech has really saved us." in a declaration he submitted for Hodges to file with an appeal seeking to hold up Decktech's license being placed on a probationary status. 
As of now the appeal was denied and we are waiting for a conference scheduled for several months from now. 
But seriously, Jim Duenow? That's a stretch. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

DeckTech's Probation Monitor Assigned to Protect the Public

DeckTech's 3 Year Probation Begin's When Their License Returns to Active Status
Probation Monitor Watches Over Probationary Licenses
At Any Time, CSLB Can Review DeckTech's Books/Contracts & Interview Employees

I a conversation today with a CSLB representative, I was provided the newly assigned Probation Monitor's contact information.

Danica Storm at the CSLB will be the Probation Monitor charged with watching over DeckTech's  activities and business procedures to ensure they are in compliance with the terms of the probation. Yes, it's just like being a criminal, there's a price to pay when you are found by CSLB and an administrative law judge to have broken laws and abandoned the job...and that price is Danica watches over them.

You can read the official documents here online  This takes you to CSLB's website.

Have you been wronged by DeckTech? Do you feel that they aren't being honest or doing the right thing?      Don't hesitate to call Danica at 916-255-4460. 

Remember, only your documentation, photograph's, videos and most importantly, your desire to help quash a bad apple in the construction community will help Danika do her job fully. 

CONSUMER WARNING- Decktech's License Is SUSPENDED For Failing to Post Disciplinary Bond

Sister Company Hunter-James Inc is Suspended As Well
Suspensions Result From An Accusation Filed Against Them by CSLB
CSLB & Admin Law Judge Found DeckTech Violated Contractor Law's
Was Ordered to Pay Over $28,000 in Reimbursement 

Last Minute Attempt To Stave Off License Probation Fails

This morning in SLO Superior Court, Attorney John Hodges appeal to get a stay on a CSLB order placing DeckTech Inc on a probationary license status was denied. Appearing for CSLB by telephone was DA Deputy Attorney Shawn Cook who successfully argued the case for the CSLB. 

Apparently in blind confidence that the appeal would be allowed, DeckTech had not obtained the required disciplinary bonds of $15,000 each for them and Hunter-James. Upon notification by the DA, the CSLB suspended DeckTech's  license for failing to post the bonds by today. 

Cook expects DeckTech to file with the appeals court to overturn the CSLB order from comments made by Deck tech's attorney, John Hodges. Cook also expressed dismay that DeckTech elected to fight as they did with the evidence against them-a check for $15,000 as the deposit they took illegally for example. He said the State offered a stipulated settlement that DeckTech refused, which resulted in 6 days of testimony being given at 2 hearings and all that evidence is now admittable in any court hearings and public information as well.

The DA also related Atty Hodges great dislike for me saying he'd made numerous disparaging remarks about me during the months of the case winding it's way along.  I don't mind, it makes me feel good to have bitter enemies. One thing I wonder is Ron McKenna going to learn to stop digging the hole that he's in? I sure hope not, as long as the money well is open, John Hodges will keep billing DeckTech. Don't help them pay their legal fees! 

Consumer warning-DeckTech cannot legally contract accept a deposit or perform any work unless/until their license is reactivated. That could take some time. In the meantime  do not contract with DeckTech; do not give them a deposit, if you have, exercise your right to cancel immediately. Cancel any checks you may have written, call your bank too. Credit card deposits- file a claim with your card issuer to stop payment. If your 3 day right to cancel has passed, call an attorney immediately and file a complaint with CSLB. 

If DeckTech is currently working on a job of yours. STOP THEM FROM WORKING IMMEDIATELY! Any injuries to a worker will likely not be covered by workers compensation insurance. Document with video you requesting they stop work and leave the premises after removing their tools. Any materials should remain on the job if you paid for them.
Call the CSLB for advice on how to handle this.   Call the CSLB SWIFT team  at (559) 490-0580 Above all, do not make any payments to DeckTech! If you paid money by credit card, you may wish to file a complaint with them to stop payment or get a credit back. Call your attorney for advice on how to handle the issue you have. 

Email the CSLB SWIFT Team documents, photograph's etc if DeckTech is working on your property swiftcentral@cslb.ca.gov  

If you feel threatened in any way by Ron McKenna or anyone at DeckTech, call the police.  Then, file a complaint with CSLB. 
DeckTech & it's Affiliate Hunter-James Inc's licenses are suspended for failing to post ordered
disciplinary bonds resulting from an Accusation filed by CSLB.