Why Don't We Get Sued? Because...

Why aren't we being sued? Because...from Krubinski vs Schmutzer-"truth is a complete defense against liability for defamation, regardless of bad faith or malicious purpose."

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

DeckTech Quietly Removes All Mention of Nevada Coating Systems Granite Deck From New Website

“All Deck Coatings Fail” is a bold and honest response from Waterproofing Industry Leader Ron McKenna President and Founder of Decktech, Inc. , when asked if a deck coating application will last for life of structure if installed correctly?" 

A few years ago DeckTech was extolling the virtues of "Granite Deck", a coating "which is like no other" and encapsulates all nailing and flashing details...Here's a screen shot of their old web page bragging about the product. Ron McKenna sold this crap as the panacea to coatings he dissed heavily-particularly metal lath and acrylic modified concrete coatings like Desert Crete and Life Deck.
No sign or mention anywhere on Decktech's new website of Nevada Coatings System Granite Deck. Why not? Probably because it's failing everywhere they put it down.
Granite Deck, once the pride and joy of Decktech, who once bragged that few deck coating companies
can qualify to become an applicator.Now try to find any mention of Granite Deck on their website...

Recently I was browsing Decktech's website again and realized, there's no mention of Granite Deck here...indeed at the bottom of their home page is their list of affiliations with manufacturer's-listing Westcoat, Mer-Kote and Life Deck, but no mention of NCS...
No more mentions of NCS Granite Deck here at DeckTechInc.org
"All deck coatings fail" was once the bold and honest response from Ron McKenna; but now I've shown the SLO County area that the one coating that is failing all over SLO County is "Granite Deck". 

Shouldn't this read, "all NCS Deck Coatings Fail"? 

Browse my posts and you'll see all the jobs with Granite Deck I've found failing. Decktech's own warranty list is more than 20 people, many whom I'd wager have Granite Deck on them.

Decktech's "Warranty List" is over 20 names long-thats a lot!

One selling feature Decktech loved to brag about was the NCS Granite Deck system's ability to "encapsulate all nailing and flashing...like this photo screen grab shows.
Despite the hype, NCS doesn't live up to it's promises. 

Encapsulated flashing failing at The Landings in Avila Beach

Failing Granite Deck despite encapsulated flashings on a project in Cayucos

On one blog post still up at Decktech,  despite the web page featuring Granite Deck having been removed, Ron McKenna says this "I prefer the NCS-System due to the array of benefits this assembly brings to table which is also defined on our web site."  Well not anymore...no mention of the product csn be found. Ron also says in this same blog post " we are the only company in our area that is licensed and trained to install the NCS GRANITE II system which is the most advanced waterproofing system available today. And we have hundreds of satisfied customers to prove it." Huh, I think I have the evidence that NCS isn't the most advanced waterproofing system for decks (truck bed liners yes, decks, no) and I have a list of customers who would probably disagree with Ron that they are satisfied. 
So why didn't Decktech build a page for their Granite Deck system? One can only guess that the crap didn't live up to the hype Decktech created over it and it's coming back to bite them in the ass? 
If you have Granite Deck on your home, and you are experiencing problems with it-cracks, peeling etc., I recommend that you file a complaint with the CSLB immediately. Decktech can't stop it from splitting and peeling, it's a product deficiency/applicator error. Don't believe anything you are told by Decktech, and if they try to pass you off to Nevada Coatings, don't listen to David Mazor/Krubinski, owner of NCS.
Go ahead and let Mark Marsch, if he's referred to you by NCS or Decktech, inspect the deck, get his report after paying him...you can use that in court or with the CSLB. Marsch will write what Mazor tells him to when it comes to NCS defect claims. If you already have any reports from Marsch, I'd love to get a copy!
 Marsch is connected to Maxor at the hip, they owned companies together and Mark was the President of of WICR Inc, in partnership with Mazor who is the owner of that company. 
Email us at SLODeckInspector@Gmail.com with you're Decktech horror story, pictures, etc. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Is William R. "Billy Bob" Spears, The Washed Up Ex-Police Chief of City of Willows, Living Out His Last Days Running Stings on Competitors of DeckTech?


I've been hit on by men before, but it only happened when I've hung out with a couple gay friends at a "gay bar" and I told them I was straight and they stopped hitting on me...

But Billy Spears? He has a hard-on for me and  he loves playing "Dirty Harry" I guess. Jeez I thought he'd fired 6 shots but I guess it was only 5...

Billy Spears, known in life as William R Spears, an ex Santa Maria Police Dept sergeant and the ex City of Willows Chief of Police seems to have a fixation on me. He keeps on chasing me, like he's gonna "get his man". Well Billy Spears, I ain't gonna be caught...not without a fight you gonna lose anyway dumb ass. 

In all seriousness, Billy Spears has been chasing me, but it's for different reasons than wanting a Brokeback weekend with me...

Perhaps it's best to start at the beginning...back in March of 2014...I got a call from a Bill Spears to come look at a deck in Oceano on Surf Street. My calendar doesn't have the exact date that I met Bill at 321 Surf Street, but I do have his email from 4/7/14. Bill wanted to refo a deck from wood to plywood and wanted a bid. After I looked at it I kind of drifted off it, but Bill was persistent...  

"Hi Bill,

Not sure if I goofed up on email address.  I have not heard back from you on the estimate.

My email is  bill.spears33@yahoo.com

Look forward to reviewing the estimate and get going.


I didn't get it to him even then and  and then I got another email 

"Hello Bill

I still have not heard from you concerning the estimate.  My wife is unhappy with me because she wants to get this project done.  I told her that we could not do it until after Easter.  She said she wants to get the estimate and then get the start date so she can make arrangements. 
I know you are a busy guy, but I need to get the estimate, so we can set a start date as soon as possible.

I also need to arrange funding source to cover the project.  I have the money I just need to move some money aside for the project.


Bill Spears

So unknowing to me, dirtbag Billy Bob Spears is setting the bait here and luring me in...
So I did get the bid off to Bill...and then never heard from him...God that Billy Spears, he's such a tease! I never heard from Bill Spears again until June...when I got a letter from the Contractors State License Board saying that "Billy Bob" , or William R Spears as legally known, had filed a complaint against me!

Notice of a Complaint From CSLB Filed By William R Spears

I couldn't imagine what the complaint was about so when I finally spoke with the CSLB representative, she told me that it was about contracting out of class...she also told me that this complaint was especially interesting, first she said it was well documented/ordered and secondly there was a DVD video...

"What video are you talking about? I asked"  "Well, there's a video of you...talking to Spears and then by yourself measuring and then you speaking with Spears again." She said she'd never seen any complaint file like this one...and as the complaint wound down she suggested that I get a copy of the file..."You'll want to see it," she said.

All that ended up with this elaborate complaint was a warning letter in my file...
After all the effort from Spears, all he managed to
get pinned on me was a violation warning letter issued.
Apparently he wasn't content with just that.  

So after hearing about this video and wanting to learn a little more, I drove past the house where I'd meet Spears-at 321 Surf Street in Oceano. I drove past and there was my competitor's truck and crew working there-Decktech Inc. Hmm, a little surprising and I'm suspicious...I look across the street to realize that DeckTech's customer, Doug Snyder has his house at 324 Surf Street. (Scroll down to the initials DS. Hmm, is this where they filmed me from? Snyder "wrote" a review on Yelp that ...stroked DeckTech with superlatives that just don't fit well.

Google Maps shows the angle
I took a few shots to prove it was Decktech working
and checked the permits. Couldn't find one!

Looking at the map, it's easy to see the perfect camera view one would have from Snyders house over to the deck at Robert Miles. 

So lets do some sleuthing and to the internet I go...SLO County Assessors Permit View search....and I find that a Robert Miles actually owns 321 Surf Street, not Bill Spears, the guy who I met there.  Who the hell is Robert Miles? He and his wife Roberta live down in So Cal...
Easy to see who owns what online. 

Easy to see no permit exists for any deck work!
So both Doug Snyder and Robert Miles are DeckTech Inc clients. Miles and Snyder have both written Yelp reviews extolling the virtues of Decktech, like they walk on water...maybe Decktech asked them to? Wrote the review for them? Both are interesting...with digs towards checking the license. Now that advice is especially ironic with DeckTech's license hanging by a thread with the accusation against them. Yeah, check Decktech's license at www.cslb.ca.gov

So I do some more sleuthing and check for permits. Interestingly there is no permit for the work DeckTech has done in the online file. The work done included removing and replacing a railing and a whole new deck. I call the County and talk to Art Trinidad; "yes it appears that work would require a permit" he says.  "May I send you pictures proving who the contractor was? I ask"  "Please."said Art. So I emailed pics showing that they were working on this property. Then I sent CSLB a complaint that Decktech failed to pull a permit...more on that later as it develops. 

In the meantime, I start saying well who the hell is Bill Spears and what's he got to do with this and how did all this happen with video taken from a hidden location and a microphone on Bill hidden away...creepy. Bill struck me as somewhat creepy...reminded me of a stereotypical pervy uncle kind of figure.   
Spears was found to be recording conversations of his boss and others.
He also ran a blog on his boss apparently-pretty creepy guy. 
So I did some more sleuthing; I search Google for Bill Spears. Turns out he's an ex-Santa Maria PD Sergeant, blamed politics/his Chief for not getting promoted and took a job in Willows CA as Police Chief there. He was on two year contracts that automatically renewed but at some point, after Spears was found to have been writing a blog that detailed his boss' life and comings and goings, the City declined to renew his contract with him. It was then found that he had recorded without their knowledge City employees and management with a lapel camera he wore. This caused much consternation and consideration of filing charges against Spears-

From the Willows Appeal Democrat 

"No criminal charges are likely to be filed against former Willows Police Chief Bill Spears for recording City Hall staffers without their knowledge.
Mayor Jeff Cobb believes the video and audio recordings found on the Police Department's computer after Spears retired last December may rise to the level of illegal activity."
"Spears said any insinuation that he was secretly taping staff or "spying" is ridiculous."
Well, hmm, maybe not huh? He isn't above that here...
There's more- 
And Spears' personal conflict with the city manager dates back several years, Holsinger acknowledged Thursday.

"Bill is someone who does not like to be managed," Holsinger said. "He does not like having a boss and his employment records indicate as much. I didn't hire him ... but I'm sure glad he's gone."
Holsinger said he was not particularly surprised Spears had recordings of staff meetings, considering Spears' personal blog, "The Willow Tree," reported in the summer of 2012 on Holsinger's movements around town, including the precise time Holsinger entered a private building and the speculation of why he was there.
So we have a history of Spears seemingly pursuing his prey, rather people he doesn't like or resents? And here in my case, it seems that is exactly what is happening...why do I say that? Because shortly after this case wound up in 2014, I got another call from CSLB, we have another complaint about you...same guy, this time advertising.

So I fix up my website, a few social media pages...CSLB is happy. But Bill keeps complaining to them...
CSLB has what they call "nuisance complainers", people who will deliberately set up a unlicensed contractor and then let them work and then not pay them and file a complaint...people who we all know are really just pieces of doo. People like Bill Spears...

A few eeks ago I filed the paperwork to get copies of the DVD video recording and the documents in the file. This week on 1 15 2016 I got back my requests for copies of these complaints, request denied and the letters listed several reasons. 

 Hmm, I thought as I drove home, why can't I get these documents and video? While driving the phone rang..."Mr. Leys, this is the CSLB. You have an ad complaint against you..." Seems Billy Spears and his gang are back...

CSLB denies my request for copies of the complaint from Bill Spears

Second denial by CSLB for my records relating
to complaints by Billy Bob Spears 

Well, Billy Spears, Ron McKenna, Robert Miles (Click to see review written under Robin M) and Doug Snyder, I'm fighting back. There's going to be accountability and I'm bringing you, the people responsible, to account for this...

Spears, you have a sordid history and IMO, conduct not quite becoming an officer...and I hope no one hires you for police work again ever. 

We all know that before anyone gets hired, that City's search agency will run some Google searches and you are going to show up on this post...so anyone looking to hire William R Spears, if you want more information regarding this matter, contact me, Bill Leys 805-801-2380. 

So see Billy Spears? Working with Ron trying to catch me doing something that now would cost me at the most a citation with a $1200 maximum fine attached to it while you're out looking for a job as a cop isn't to bright is it? Not when this little undercover sting fiasco could end up costing you a $149,000 job huh? I've taken the time to tag all the pictures, tag the post, label it with your name so this post shows up if anyone searches for William R Spears or Bill Spears...can't be to careful now can we when Google is indexing relevant information to take every means possible to make sure it shows up on the first page of Google? 

Spying on someone doing undercover video of a criminal suspect is one thing, to be an ex Chief of Police/Sergeant and ex-Marine, well I think you're a disgrace to the badge and the Corp,  However, unlike Mr Holsinger, I'm kind of glad you're not gone...remember,from Krubinski vs Schmutzer-"truth is a complete defense against liability for defamation, regardless of bad faith or malicious purpose."

Ask Ron who Krubinski is...and yes, this post is written with intent to embarrass you in case you are wondering. Now do you care to try prove I'm lying? 

Coming next-at this time I have to talk to CSLB on Tuesday 1/19/2016 and see what they have to say after I objected and a supervisor has gotten involved. I'll update the status of my getting records, especially the DVD video. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Decktech's Failed Granite Deck System Gets Replaced at Spyglass Condos on Solano in Shell Beach



The Spyglass Condo's on Solano in Shell Beach recently got their decks repaired after years of chasing Decktech to back up their warranty. The HOA manager expressed her dissatisfaction with DeckTech, only saying they wouldn't be bidding other work of her clients...

No wonder, it's been only about 4 years since DeckTech applied Granite Deck on this building and the carport roof failed in short order and the decks facing the ocean had rusted flashings and failing decks. So finally in the last few months, Decktech came back out and fixed these failing NCS decks. 



Photo taken 4 18 2013 This failed NCS Granite Deck system on the carport is long gone,
replaced by a real roof system 

Screen Grab from Decktech's old website-ironically titled
"Spyglass HQ Finish" 

4 18 2013, the flashing is rusting. Failure has begun. 

 4 18 13 Closeup of roof over carport failing. 

Photo taken 9 11 14 Rusting encapsulated flashings. 
Jan 2016, new flashings and crap coatings replace the old failing crap

New coating on ocean decks

Screen Grab from Decktech's website
Haha, that's a lie...it fails in short order!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

DeckTech's Decks Are Falling Apart, Falling Apart...Down in Avila Beach...


On Decktech's old website (page below) they sold the hell out of their exclusive Nevada Coating Systems Granite Deck, being "unlike any other" and "encapsulating all flashing and nailing details".
Long gone web page from Decktech selling NCS Granite Deck.
Note the feature of "encapsulating all metal flashings" 

Decktech screen grab of their "encapsulated flashing detail". This is a high selling point to avoid rusted flashings.

Another picture from DeckTech via screengrab....they said it, now see below for reality. 
It is nearly impossible to spray airborne coatings to a 90 degree corner like the one above. From a article I found on spraying polyureas - "When considering polyurea, think and design around what the technician needs to accomplish your goal. Construct in a “polyurea-friendly” manner. Corners should be radiused and not left as a sharp, 90-degree shape. It can be difficult to shoot into sharp corners, so even a slight radius of a half-inch is an improvement. Penetrations should be 10 to 12 inches away from corners, floors or other structures to allow room for the spray gun assembly to be maneuvered. Columns and structures should be at least 18 inches apart..."

So Decktech's theory on encapsulating flashing is completely wrong! Want proof?

These pictures are from The Landing in Avila Beach on Front Street. Stroll through and see the failing deck edges yourself while you window shop.
This picture was taken in 2013, seperation of coating starting

Walk through and look up at this deck and you will see the failures!

Failure is now complete...coating has allowed water to intrude despite written representations.
Now one must replace these decks entirely with a legit system.  Isn't that fraud? 
Now stroll over to Oceans 17 Condos a block away and see the decks failing there too! Just look up as you stroll along Front Street and see for yourself.

Water intruded under tile system despite NCS waterproofing.

More rust and water intrusion problems. 

Despite the hype, these owners are left with a pile of doo. 
If you have Nevada Coating System decking from Decktech and are experiencing problems, you are encouraged to file a complaint at the CSLB and to do so ASAP. Reports from Decktech clients all have a similar story-great sales presentation, newest/best ever, sold, install, 2 years later start having problems, service fine at first but as same problems continue, blame shifts to client for not maintaining, framing moving/not DeckTech's problem etc.

The reality is Nevada Coating Granite Deck is not designed by the actual manufacturer-Carboline Company, who sells it as Reactamine ET. You may have seen this color buckets on the job...

Reactamine, sold as NCS Granite Deck, is simply polyurea. Carboline has no specifications for applying this product to plywood decks and reacted in horror when they saw some of these pictures.

If you are experiencing problems with your NCS Granite Deck systems, it's probably because it's not approved for decks; despite claims I haven't found any testing and again, Carboline reacted strongly to my discussion with them. I'd recommend you consider filing a claim against DeckTech's insurance carrier, maybe for fraud? That's something to discuss with an attorney, you thought you were getting the worlds best stuff and now less than 3 or 5 years later you're thinking how much to replace it all?

A lot, and that's why you don't want to miss an opportunity to get a claim in...send us your horror stories or tips on jobs.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Is Decktech Getting Desperate? This Yelp review is pretty funny and shows that Yelp is unreliable.

Recently I filed two complaints with the CSLB against Decktech, based on evidence I've come across - shredded financial records- that appears to show that Decktech took illegal deposits from their clients. (We already have proof they did from a copy of a contract, see below, where that owner filed a complaint with CSLB against Decktech and has sued them in Superior Court too)

Here is a copy of Decktech contract clearly showing a deposit/first draw in the amount of $15,500,
well in excess of the legally allowed maximum of $1,000.00

 So recently when two Yelp reviews appeared on my Yelp page for Central Coast Waterproofing, I had to ask if DeckTech is behind it? One review by a "Sarah B" was basically an accusation that I "illegally" used her information. That review was removed for violating Yelps TOS. The review by Robert T has been left up despite my protests as it in Yelp's eyes is "legit". 

Sarah B is Sarah Boardman, whose info I found Decktech's trash. The financial document appears to show that Decktech took an illegal deposit from her. See the document below-

The reconstructed financial document appears to show an illegal deposit/first draw.
For some reason Sarah wasn't happy that I filed a complaint...so she wrote a review at Yelp. We've messaged each other and I asked several times for a denial that she paid more than $1,000 as a deposit. She has not denied that as seen here in this photo below.

Despite asking several times, Sarah does not deny paying a deposit more than $1,000. 

Then we come to this Yelp "review" by a Robert T in North Highlands CA. Robert claims I stole $800 from him. I've asked for proof but of course I have not received a response. Now there's a few things going on here- 1.) I don't do any work on decks that exceeds $500 in labor and materials. 2.) I don't work outside the county. 3.) I've challenged him to file in small claims/provide proof via a cancelled check...
Despite this, Robert has not responded. Several things say this review is a fake. 1.) where's Roberts picture? 2.) Robert has no other reviews. Do you think we'll see anymore reviews ever by Robert T? Doubt it. Now, will Decktech  be smart enough to not have him write a review for them???

A Robert T wrote these lies on the Yelp page of Central Coast Waterproofing.
Could Decktech be behind it? Maybe, I certainly don't know or ever talk to Robert T in N Highlands CA...
 With no help from Yelp, I'm going to subpoena Yelp for the information on Robert T. Then we'll get to the bottom of this. 

Watch for my next post on William "Bill" Spears, an ex-Santa Maria cop who at a property he didn't own, ran a "sting" on me where I was secretly filmed. I'll be posting that film and the story behind it with Decktech's employees than fixing this deck. I've filed a complaint that DT didn't take out a building permit on that job...

And so the war goes on!