Why Don't We Get Sued? Because...

Why aren't we being sued? Because...from Krubinski vs Schmutzer-"truth is a complete defense against liability for defamation, regardless of bad faith or malicious purpose."

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Does A Former Building Inspector Leaves His Reputation on the Floor?

Does Don Moore place his own reputation on the line by writing a recommendation letter for Deck Tech? I think so...what's your opinion?
Does Don Moore place his own reputation on the line by writing a recommendation letter for Deck Tech?
I think so...what's your opinion?

I got a copy of a letter of recommendation that "former building inspector" Don Moore wrote on behalf of Deck Tech.

It was written in December 2015, shortly after the Attorney General's office filed an accusation against Deck tech. Did Don bother to check their license status? Probably not, but that's an important detail, knowing that their license status has a black mark on it with an accusation. That means the State considers Deck tech a possible menace to consumers based on what evidence they have in an ongoing case. Accusations don't get made everyday Don, an important thing to know. It makes you look dumb IMO.

Speaking of the accusation, Don writes that Deck Tech would come in to obtain permits; funny, this is one of the things they have been accused of failing to do. Don also assures us that our perspective is wrong, saying "You could rest assured that he has done the best job possible no matter your perspective..." Huh? Don, ake a look at this website and you'll see lots of their failing jobs. Want to drive around with me? I'll show you.

It's my opinion that city building inspectors should not provide recommendations to contractors, whether or not they are retired or active. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth especially when Don makes statements that are unprovable, like "Ron has been able to pretty much been able to obtain being the premier deck coating contractor on the central coast."

My opinion is Don Moore threw his reputation on the floor for Deck Tech, who could believe him when the contractor he wrote this for has been accused of six violations of the Business & Professions code, has had their license suspended several times for lack of workers compensation insurance and in general Don knows nothing about? The letter almost seems written by Deck Tech and Don signed it, the writing is choppy and poor...

What is your opinion? Should building officials write recommendations or not? Let us know, Tweet to @deck_expert

Monday, November 21, 2016

Deck Tech Client Says Adios to their BS Annual Deck Maintenance Agreement

A North County client of Deck Tech's who had Granite Deck on their deck watched as the Granite Deck slowly deteriorated over a couple years time. Despite paying Deck Tech nearly $400 a year for their Annual Deck Maintenance Agreement, the Granite Deck system was slowly failing, with the sun burning up the weak and ineffective polyurea finish.

Deck Tech couldn't or wouldn't honor their agreement to maintain the deck, saying the finish was failing because of misuse. Ha, misuse, the deck off the bedroom was mostly unused...not misused.

Deck Tech's client contacted me to help them out.
What I found when I inspected the deck was a thin application of Granite Deck over an OSB substrate and the Granite Deck was peeling/flaking off as seen below.

Deck tech's client opted to have the old failing materials buried under a new coating utilizing a metal lath and acrylic concrete deck coating system. They are much happier with the Granite Deck out of their life.
Missing material under the post where the wood was cut to allow an air space proves
DeckTech failed to do a proper job here. Deteriorating materials show us the Granite Deck can't handle sun. 

Easy to care for UV retardant concrete decking system
covers the old dead Granite Deck system. 

We Pick Apart Deck Tech's Estimate to Save you $

I received a copy of a bid from a client considering Deck Tech for doing a deck repair. The client was shocked at the costs quoted, as were we. For clients of Deck tech's, they may wish to consider getting second opinions, price shopping and especially having a scope of work settled on to use to bid with.

This estimate to entirely replace two decks for over $20,000 is ridiculous. The scare tactics they use and the price they want is horrifying. Run, don't walk, away from this predatory pricing. Oh and check Deck Tech's license at cslb by clicking here .

Deck tech's estimated gross profit is apx $10,000-12,000 after labor and material expenses. You can get a better price somewhere else. I suggest you call Upper Level Waterproofing or Sunrise Coatings.
This bid is missing one important and required piece of information! 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Deck Tech Gets Another Postponement

Deck tech managed to evade their day of atonement for another couple of months when their attorney got a postponement to hear an accusation against them last week. The hearing was scheduled and began but the hearing officer grabbed a request to postpone.

Deck tech faces accusations that they violated 6  business and professions codes governing contractors business methods.

This case goes back to 2013 and may continue for a while as deck tech can appeal any decisions against them.

Clients are advised to exercise due diligence and decide for themselves if they want to contract with deck tech. Read our blog for more information.