Why Don't We Get Sued? Because...

Why aren't we being sued? Because...from Krubinski vs Schmutzer-"truth is a complete defense against liability for defamation, regardless of bad faith or malicious purpose."

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Why You Can't Trust DeckTech Inc (Or Yelp) (Or Scorpion Internet Marketing)

 Review at Yelp Gives 5 Stars to DeckTech, But...
Reviewer Kelly Carpenter Works for DeckTech's Web Design Firm
Ethical Boundaries Crossed? 

Oops they did it again...got caught that is. DeckTech Inc continues to prove they are not trustworthy. So does Yelp by the way. DeckTech has a five star rating on their Yelp! page which would give consumers a better feeling that they are a good company to have working for you. 

Well in checking the reviewers out, we found Kelly C, or Kelly Carpenter as we found her name was on Decktech's Google page with the same fake review as below.

Kelly Carpenter's review at Yelp gives five stars, but this is a fake review. 
Turns out Kelly Carpenter works for DeckTech's Internet website and seo company Scorpion Internet Marketing. I found Kelly easily enough at LinkedIn where holy shit she is a senior internet marketing manager, working on boosting up clients rankings on Google and other search engines
Here's Kelly in her glamour shot, working for Scorpion. Note their logo on the upper left.

Here's Scorpion's logo on the bottom of DeckTech's web page. 
This leads one to ask can you trust DeckTech with your project of they'll lie about their Yelp reviews? Can you trust Yelp for honest reviews? 

If the answer is no, I think you'll have made a smart decision.

UPDATED 5 2 17
Yelp has removed the review by Kelly Carpenter from Deck tech's page for violating Yelp's policies.
Removed for violating Yelp's policies. Tell you a lot about Scorpion doesn't it? And about Deck Tech' as well because they know it's a fake review too. 

Update-the two reviews I reported of Brett's have been removed for the same reason-violating Yelp's policies on writing reviews.

Continuing on I saw some pics posted by a "Brett P" on DeckTech's site. So I searched him down. Brett "Pipes" Piper also works for Scorpion and wrote at least 2 fake reviews for Scorpion clients.

Brett "Pipes" Piper writes fake reviews for Scorpion clients. 

"Pipes" works for Scorpion and as part pof his job, writes fake reviews to boost Scorpion clients ratings on Yelp. 

I sent this message to Scorpion asking if writing fake reviews is standard operating procedure.

Friday, April 7, 2017

DeckTech Named As Defendant In Construction Defect Claim Over Faulty Waterproofing of a Cayucos Home

In March a lawsuit was filed against Pius Construction of Shaver Lake alleging construction defects. Decktech Inc of Grover Beach has been named an additional defendant in the case.

Civil case 16cv-0496, filed by attorney Kimberley Strickland of Strickland Law Group alleges on behalf of their client Oleh Wolowodiuk who Prius Construction remodeled  a home in Cayucos for, that DeckTech's waterproofing was faulty. There are a number of other allegations of defects in the home as well naming other sub-contractors.

I've ordered copies of the documents from the clerk at the SLO County Courthouse in order t to publish them here next week.

I've also reached out to the plaintiff's attorney to offer information and any assistance I can.

This is the second recent lawsuit filed against DeckTech, several years ago a client of DeckTech's filed suit against them and settled before trial. A complaint to the CSLB regarding that matter is still ongoing and has resulted in an accusation against DeckTech. That matter is still pending with the CSLB after they rejected a proposed decision last month and elected to decide the matter themselves.