Why Don't We Get Sued? Because...

Why aren't we being sued? Because...from Krubinski vs Schmutzer-"truth is a complete defense against liability for defamation, regardless of bad faith or malicious purpose."

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"Every Dog Has It's Day" Decktech's Time is Here

It's a big week for us and our "friends" at DeckTech Inc! We've been hoping and praying that CSLB would be wised up about Decktech and it finally happened. Justice's wheels turn slowly but now the wheels have rolled enough to bring Decktech's shadowy methods to daylight. Now lets see what happens!

Ron McKenna will be "out of the office" the rest of the week, sitting in a room while CSLB presents its case against Decktech for alleged gross violations of the Business & Professions code. CSLB will be pressing to revoke or suspend Decktech's license for these alleged violations. We say alleged because they haven't yet had their day in court so to speak...but the evidence against them is pretty clear.

A lawsuit was filed against Decktech for defects in a deck repair

Among the accusations are that Decktech took a deposit in excess of the legally allowed $1,000 maximum deposit. Decktech was paid $15,000 up front before they started. They also allegedly got ahead on the money vs work performed, failed to provide lien releases along with several other technical legalities of contracting. 

If found "guilty" of the accusation, Decktech and Hunter James Inc will see their license revoked or suspended. Either way, as a consumer, one should strongly consider this if you are considering hiring Decktech for any work. The big question to ask yourself is, will they be around to warranty their work? Well, what do you think? 

Myth vs Reality- Letter from Capital Pacific Homes Was a Little Premature

A couple years ago Capital Pacific Homes wrote a letter about DeckTech, saying their deck work was fantastic and they were saving money on their warranty program etc etc.

Well fast forward to now; Capital Pacific Homes project at Hollysprings Lane in Orcutt is 8 years old. DeckTech did the decks here at this project. I spoke with and visited a client at the project who has had repairs made by DeckTech multiple times to their deck. They then proceeded to tell me how many other homes had deck problems...which seems to be most of them.

Part of the project has Life Deck or Westcoat decking systems on them, and part of the project has Granite Deck on the decks. Either way, the decks are having problems.

On the sample deck I inspected, I found cracks in the field of the deck and rusted flashing. These are signs of decay that indicate poor assembly of the deck system. Careful craftsmen will recognize potential issues on a deck and before covering it, either have the condition corrected or refuse to cover defects with their work. (Old saying in construction, If you cover it, you own it.) Well DeckTech owns this job and is trying to stumble across the 10 year mark for construction defects to avoid liability.

All I can say is if you have problems with your DeckTech deck now, it's only going to get worse as time goes on. Act accordingly to protect your interests.
Cracked decking will allow water intrusion. 

"Repair" by Decktech, some caulk and paint....wow, very professional. NOT!

Rusted flashing caused by failing coating at edge.