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Why aren't we being sued? Because...from Krubinski vs Schmutzer-"truth is a complete defense against liability for defamation, regardless of bad faith or malicious purpose."

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Does DeckTech's Shredded Financial Documents Show They Took Illegal Deposits?

I've obtained shredded documents belonging to Decktech via a source close to the company. After reassembling several financial sheets, I've found at least two that appear to show deposits/1st draws and record of payment for what appears to be initial deposits far in excess of the legally allowed 10% or $1,000 whichever is less rule. 

DeckTech is already in trouble with the CSLB for a complaint made against them in late 2013 that has now become a formal accusation against Decktech  for violations of the law. One of those accusations is that DeckTech took an illegal deposit on that job, which bears out from the contract I obtained. 

The documents below appear to be Decktech's accounting for several clients, and show a "deposit/1st draw". 

It appears a large deposit was obtained from Mr Eacman in excess of the legally allowed $1,000 maximum. 

It also appears that Ms Sarah Boardman paid an excessive deposit/1st draw.

So readers you decide, did these clients pay an excessive deposit? 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Recovered Shredded Documents is DeckTech ADMA List - Are You On It?

A recovered shredded document of Decktech's provides us a large list of their Annual Deck Maintenance Agreement clients who are paying Decktech some pretty hefty fees to "maintain" their decks.

The list of clients was carefully reconstructed and revealed 12 months of clients signed on.

We recommend that the annual deck agreement be dropped and simply pay for the deck to be resealed every year with Granite Deck and every 5 years or less with Life Deck or Westcoat.

Granite Deck can be cleaned and resealed using Lige Deck Clear Glaze sealer sold at Miners Ace Hardware in Grover Beach. Westcoat/Life Deck products can be cleaned and resealed using Life Deck sealer from Miners or Westcoat sealer from pacific Industrial Supply in Grover Beach.

I'd love to hear from some DT clients and inspect your decks if you are having any problems!

See if you know anyone on the list below

Decktech's Sucker List

Don't be a sucker! 

Paying for washing the deck is a rip off...

If your DeckTech deck has problems, let us know!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Carboline Rep Says "Based on what I can tell... (Reactamine ET on decks) not the right application for these products"

I spoke with Paul at Carboline Technical Service (314-219-1707) who tells me that based on the pics I have of their Carboline's Reactamine ET being put on plywood decks by DeckTech that  it's not an approved application by them.

He also said they would not approve it if asked to. What bothered him is that if Nevada Coatings System is the "private label" that is supposed to be what's being put down, it should be in a can marked as such as it is deceiving the client of they think it's Carboline "approving" the application over plywood.

Call Carboline up at the number above and ask Paul yourself.

Seems with this information, if you saw this bucket as shown below on your job, but were told on our contract Nevada Coatings, you may ask yourself, have I been a victim of a bait and switch? And after you talk to Paul at Carboline, you might want to talk to CSLB? An attorney? DeckTech's Bonding Company? General Liability insurance carrier? All of the above? You decide.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Contractors State License Board Wants to Hear From DeckTech Inc Customers - Wants Info on Possibly Illegal Deposits & More

A conversation with the investigator leading the current case against DeckTech ended with the investigator asking for other DeckTech clients to step forward. They believe Decktech has multiple violations of contract laws occurring in the past, however they can't just review records...they need you, the DeckTech client whose rights may have been violated, to step up, complain, then CSLB will investigate to see if your claims are valid. One client complained and that led to the filing of an accusation against DeckTech.

 Accusation N 2014 000235 is currently pending at CSLB against DeckTech where the CSLB will either revoke or suspend DeckTech's license. Gross violations of the Business & Professions codes are alleged. On the CSLB website the six violations and the accusation filed against DeckTech is on the public disclosure area of their license listing.

Currently the feeling is from a Deputy Attorney General I spoke with, that for a first time offense, the license would be suspended for some minimum time period. The investigator from CSLB told us that they would move to revoke with further evidence of violations of the Business & Professions Code. Until such time, DeckTech is free to operate and has all rights to due process under the law.

Taken most seriously is illegal deposits. The CSLB is extremely interested in having complaints filed by DeckTech clients who paid a deposit greater than $1,000.00. The current complaint shows Decktech took an "initial deposit/first draw" of $15,000. See page 3 of the contract below. If your deposit is similar, DeckTech may have grossly violated your rights. Contact CSLB today for further information.
Deposit violates Business & Professions Code. No
deposit can be over $1,000 regardless. Additional payments
for special order materials and draws as work is completed is ok. 

Other serious violations the CSLB is looking for regards building permits. By law, the contractor must take out a building permit for replacing a deck system, opening stucco, repairing framing etc. If DeckTech had you get a building permit, or if no building permit was obtained, then they may have violated the Business & Professions code.

Other serious violations for which DeckTech is on the verge of losing their license by revocation or suspension is for failing to provide lien releases for sub-contractors they hired to work on your property. A sub could claim they weren't paid and they could possibly place a lien on your property and you would have to pay to get it released.

Some older contracts we've heard did not contain 3 day right of rescission clauses as required by law. Check your contract for a 3 day cancellation period. We found it on the last page of the contract we have a copy of. If you contract does not have this clause, you may have found a violation of Business & Professions code.

Click this link to learn more about filing a complaint and to obtain the complaint form. http://www.cslb.ca.gov/Consumers/Filing_A_Complaint/

If you've had problems with your deck and DeckTech was slow to fix it or used the salesperson for Nevada Coatings-David (Dave) Krubinski or Mark Marsch to say the deck was fine...well complain to CSLB, it's a setup. Read our blog at wicrleaks.com to find out more. Nevada Coatings products are not