Why Don't We Get Sued? Because...

Why aren't we being sued? Because...from Krubinski vs Schmutzer-"truth is a complete defense against liability for defamation, regardless of bad faith or malicious purpose."

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Attorney General's Office Confirms DeckTech's Hearing Has Been Held- "Decision Expected Within 4-5 Months"

Six Violations of CA Business & Professions Codes Alleged by CSLB for Prosecution by AG

Destructive testing at the job site revealed the workmanship
by DeckTech for examination by a CSLB investigator. 

Ron McKenna of Deck Tech faces 6 separate violations
of CA Business & Professions Codes which could result in suspension or revocation of his 2 contractors licenses.    

This morning, 12/8/16, Deputy Attorney General Sean Cook confirmed for me that the accusation filed by their office on behalf of the Contractors State License Board against DeckTech was heard by an administrative law judge. This is the c

Read the accusation against Deck Tech here  https://www2.cslb.ca.gov/OnlineServices/Accusations/N2014-235/N2014-235-20151109-Accusation.pdf

The basics of the accusation are that Deck Tech contracted with a homeowner, took an illegal deposit of $15,000 when only $1,000 max was allowable, took money ahead of work completed, abandoned the job, and failed to provide lien releases as payments were made to them.

Cook told us that each side will file final written closing arguments in the next several weeks.  He estimated four to five months before the decision by the Administrative law judge is handed down, at which point it will be posted to Deck Tech's license information listed at CSLB here;  https://www2.cslb.ca.gov/OnlineServices/CheckLicenseII/LicenseDetail.aspx?LicNum=796956 I advise you read any documents CSLB can legally release into the public domain concerning the accusation.

Deck Tech would have the legal right to appeal any decision that went against them which would add to the time that they remain licensed. Prospective clients of Deck Tech's are advised to monitor their license status and decide for themselves whether the risk to contract with Deck Tech is worth any potential risk. I advise that you contact other waterproofing contractors and get other opinions and bids, as always, check the license!

In the meantime, clients of Deck Tech's who are experiencing problems with their Granite Deck system are advised to contact us at 805-801-2380 for a full inspection and report to submit with any claims/complaints to the CSLB or Deck Tech's Bonding Company. Don't lose your rights by failing to act; possibly fraudulent claims may have been made by Deck Tech to convince you to buy Granite Deck, claims that aren't based on facts or independent testing.

I helped this homeowner recover his money from Deck Tech's faulty work and I may be able to help you too!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Does A Former Building Inspector Leaves His Reputation on the Floor?

Does Don Moore place his own reputation on the line by writing a recommendation letter for Deck Tech? I think so...what's your opinion?
Does Don Moore place his own reputation on the line by writing a recommendation letter for Deck Tech?
I think so...what's your opinion?

I got a copy of a letter of recommendation that "former building inspector" Don Moore wrote on behalf of Deck Tech.

It was written in December 2015, shortly after the Attorney General's office filed an accusation against Deck tech. Did Don bother to check their license status? Probably not, but that's an important detail, knowing that their license status has a black mark on it with an accusation. That means the State considers Deck tech a possible menace to consumers based on what evidence they have in an ongoing case. Accusations don't get made everyday Don, an important thing to know. It makes you look dumb IMO.

Speaking of the accusation, Don writes that Deck Tech would come in to obtain permits; funny, this is one of the things they have been accused of failing to do. Don also assures us that our perspective is wrong, saying "You could rest assured that he has done the best job possible no matter your perspective..." Huh? Don, ake a look at this website and you'll see lots of their failing jobs. Want to drive around with me? I'll show you.

It's my opinion that city building inspectors should not provide recommendations to contractors, whether or not they are retired or active. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth especially when Don makes statements that are unprovable, like "Ron has been able to pretty much been able to obtain being the premier deck coating contractor on the central coast."

My opinion is Don Moore threw his reputation on the floor for Deck Tech, who could believe him when the contractor he wrote this for has been accused of six violations of the Business & Professions code, has had their license suspended several times for lack of workers compensation insurance and in general Don knows nothing about? The letter almost seems written by Deck Tech and Don signed it, the writing is choppy and poor...

What is your opinion? Should building officials write recommendations or not? Let us know, Tweet to @deck_expert

Monday, November 21, 2016

Deck Tech Client Says Adios to their BS Annual Deck Maintenance Agreement

A North County client of Deck Tech's who had Granite Deck on their deck watched as the Granite Deck slowly deteriorated over a couple years time. Despite paying Deck Tech nearly $400 a year for their Annual Deck Maintenance Agreement, the Granite Deck system was slowly failing, with the sun burning up the weak and ineffective polyurea finish.

Deck Tech couldn't or wouldn't honor their agreement to maintain the deck, saying the finish was failing because of misuse. Ha, misuse, the deck off the bedroom was mostly unused...not misused.

Deck Tech's client contacted me to help them out.
What I found when I inspected the deck was a thin application of Granite Deck over an OSB substrate and the Granite Deck was peeling/flaking off as seen below.

Deck tech's client opted to have the old failing materials buried under a new coating utilizing a metal lath and acrylic concrete deck coating system. They are much happier with the Granite Deck out of their life.
Missing material under the post where the wood was cut to allow an air space proves
DeckTech failed to do a proper job here. Deteriorating materials show us the Granite Deck can't handle sun. 

Easy to care for UV retardant concrete decking system
covers the old dead Granite Deck system. 

We Pick Apart Deck Tech's Estimate to Save you $

I received a copy of a bid from a client considering Deck Tech for doing a deck repair. The client was shocked at the costs quoted, as were we. For clients of Deck tech's, they may wish to consider getting second opinions, price shopping and especially having a scope of work settled on to use to bid with.

This estimate to entirely replace two decks for over $20,000 is ridiculous. The scare tactics they use and the price they want is horrifying. Run, don't walk, away from this predatory pricing. Oh and check Deck Tech's license at cslb by clicking here .

Deck tech's estimated gross profit is apx $10,000-12,000 after labor and material expenses. You can get a better price somewhere else. I suggest you call Upper Level Waterproofing or Sunrise Coatings.
This bid is missing one important and required piece of information! 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Deck Tech Gets Another Postponement

Deck tech managed to evade their day of atonement for another couple of months when their attorney got a postponement to hear an accusation against them last week. The hearing was scheduled and began but the hearing officer grabbed a request to postpone.

Deck tech faces accusations that they violated 6  business and professions codes governing contractors business methods.

This case goes back to 2013 and may continue for a while as deck tech can appeal any decisions against them.

Clients are advised to exercise due diligence and decide for themselves if they want to contract with deck tech. Read our blog for more information.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Confidential Source Confirms DeckTech Losing Contracts to Competitor

A confidential source confirmed to me last week that an Orange County waterproofing contractor has been winning a number of bids for waterproofing local projects.

The source told us that Specialty Construction, Robbins Reed and several others had awarded jobs to Orange County firm Systems Waterproofing, citing the fact that with an accusation hanging over DeckTech's head that will probably result in either a suspension or outright revocation of their contractors license, the firms have legitimate concerns that DeckTech may not be able to complete the project if they lose their license, but future warranties are at risk too.

Contractors are pretty risk averse, and when it comes to subs with accusations against them, you are in fact the hot potato no one wants to hold...

You can review DeckTech's license information and read the accusation made by the Attorney General's Office on behalf of CSLB by clicking this link.

Their hearing is coming up in November on the 14th 15th & 16th, a little more than a month away. Even oif DeckTech's license is simply suspended, the minimum suspension time is ONE YEAR, where they cannot work as a construction  company. Revocations of licenses are permanent.

I can only advise that you tread lightly when dealing with a firm that may no longer be able to perform an warranty work for you if needed if you choose to contract with them.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Deck tech Lashing Out As it Circles The Toilet?

Several people have reported to us that deck tech owner Ron McKenna has filed complaints with CSLB against them and spoken with ill will and malice when speaking with clients the companies are competing for.

Sources wish to remain confidential, however I've heard this same type of story from 3 different people, giving it some credence.

Remember, only deck tech has an accusation against their license. No other company currently operating has accusations against their license. Remember, accusations typically result in a license suspension or revocation. Meaning if you contract with deck tech and they go out of business, your stuck if you have any problems because your warranty evaporates.

Look at all options, ask questions and if Ron is speaking badly about someone to you, ask yourself if that's the kind of person you want working on your job.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

DeckTech Delay's It's Day of Reckoning

A spokesperson from CSLB confirmed today that DeckTech's date with destiny has been delayed for a few months.

Not an uncommon tactic, getting a continuance allows Decktech to continue working as an active licensed contractor. In the meantime, the client, who was harmed by Decktech's actions or lack thereof, awaits justice through CSLB. They settled/closed a lawsuit earlier this year for undisclosed terms

Decktech's new hearing date is now set for November 14, 2016 and is calendered again for a three day hearing. Will the delay bring the process server back to try to subpoena me again? I'll let you know.

In the meantime, clients/potential clients are advised to consider that Decktech may not be around to back up warranties if their license is suspended or revoked which is CSLB's goal to do. Read the accusation filed against Decktech here https://www2.cslb.ca.gov/OnlineServices/Accusations/N2014-235/N2014-235-20151109-Accusation.pdf

You may wish to strongly consider other alternatives.

In this pic shot by a clients security cam, the tile installer is using a sponge on the grout joints.
This is in direct contradiction to the manufacturer's instructions to use a grout bag.

In this pic my keys fit under the tile, which they shouldn't. However, poor application of
thinset allowed this to occur. Hidden defects kill decks, let me inspect your Decktech installed deck!
Ron Mckenna of Decktech is seen in this file photo going to a mediation last year.

Decktech no longer sells their Granite Deck system, which is great news going forward,
but prior clients are still stuck with it. Here is another job I inspected that had
failing Granite Deck under tile. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"Every Dog Has It's Day" Decktech's Time is Here

It's a big week for us and our "friends" at DeckTech Inc! We've been hoping and praying that CSLB would be wised up about Decktech and it finally happened. Justice's wheels turn slowly but now the wheels have rolled enough to bring Decktech's shadowy methods to daylight. Now lets see what happens!

Ron McKenna will be "out of the office" the rest of the week, sitting in a room while CSLB presents its case against Decktech for alleged gross violations of the Business & Professions code. CSLB will be pressing to revoke or suspend Decktech's license for these alleged violations. We say alleged because they haven't yet had their day in court so to speak...but the evidence against them is pretty clear.

A lawsuit was filed against Decktech for defects in a deck repair

Among the accusations are that Decktech took a deposit in excess of the legally allowed $1,000 maximum deposit. Decktech was paid $15,000 up front before they started. They also allegedly got ahead on the money vs work performed, failed to provide lien releases along with several other technical legalities of contracting. 

If found "guilty" of the accusation, Decktech and Hunter James Inc will see their license revoked or suspended. Either way, as a consumer, one should strongly consider this if you are considering hiring Decktech for any work. The big question to ask yourself is, will they be around to warranty their work? Well, what do you think? 

Myth vs Reality- Letter from Capital Pacific Homes Was a Little Premature

A couple years ago Capital Pacific Homes wrote a letter about DeckTech, saying their deck work was fantastic and they were saving money on their warranty program etc etc.

Well fast forward to now; Capital Pacific Homes project at Hollysprings Lane in Orcutt is 8 years old. DeckTech did the decks here at this project. I spoke with and visited a client at the project who has had repairs made by DeckTech multiple times to their deck. They then proceeded to tell me how many other homes had deck problems...which seems to be most of them.

Part of the project has Life Deck or Westcoat decking systems on them, and part of the project has Granite Deck on the decks. Either way, the decks are having problems.

On the sample deck I inspected, I found cracks in the field of the deck and rusted flashing. These are signs of decay that indicate poor assembly of the deck system. Careful craftsmen will recognize potential issues on a deck and before covering it, either have the condition corrected or refuse to cover defects with their work. (Old saying in construction, If you cover it, you own it.) Well DeckTech owns this job and is trying to stumble across the 10 year mark for construction defects to avoid liability.

All I can say is if you have problems with your DeckTech deck now, it's only going to get worse as time goes on. Act accordingly to protect your interests.
Cracked decking will allow water intrusion. 

"Repair" by Decktech, some caulk and paint....wow, very professional. NOT!

Rusted flashing caused by failing coating at edge. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

DeckTech's Red Herring Award From Pulse of the City News

We'd like to send out our congratulations to @DecktechInc for paying apx $1,175 for their "Pulse of The City" award promo package! Good move, when desperation is setting in, it's a good time to get the spin machine into high gear...

If you've seen any of the press releases, Tweets or self congratulatory announcement on their website announcing that they were awarded a "Best of", you, like I, may have said what the Hell is a Pulse of the City? Exactly. I never heard of them...so I went digging.

Here's Decktech's "award." Now what does it mean? Really...truthfully, not much, my opinion is Pulse of The City is a pay to play award annointer. Give us money in the form of promo packages and we'll promote you...they are a privately held company and little is known about them. Searches to confirm their 20 years in construction draw up short...Not saying they aren't but why can't I find anything concrete to verify the claim?


Their website is designed to sell sell sell, here's a sales pitch for you that they push...

Sites like Yelp and Angies list have rogue reviews you can't control...
but when you buy from us, well dontch'a know it's an award that separates you from your money

Pulse has only been around for a few years, handing out awards. Real awards are handed out be recognized entities. If you don't recognize something as a known institution, such as American Institute of Architects (AIA), then it's probably not. 

Decktech's award is not about customer service and that they are good, it's about getting them sold to boost their self esteem and appearance on the web. What's your opinion? 
51 followers? That's it?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

DeckTech's Day In "Court" Scheduled for June

A spokesperson from the Attorney General's office told us today that a hearing on the Accusation against Decktech Inc is scheduled to begin on June 15, 2016.

After submitting a defense to the accusation, the Attorney General scheduled the hearing for a three day period, the 15th, 16th and 17th, Wed-Friday. It is not known yet to us where the hearing will be held or whether it is open to the public.

Ron McKenna entering a legal services building late last year on a civil suit
over the same matter. McKenna's insurance company settled the matter
for an undisclosed sum and the case was closed. 

You can read what DeckTech is accused of her in ths public document on their license listing at www.cslb.ca.gov  DeckTech Inc and his other licensed company Hunter-James will both be subject to the same decision.

In two months Decktech will likely have their license suspended or revoked for the alleged violations listed in the accusation. In some cases a stay is granted to allow a contractor to finish current work but cannot contract for new projects. That is often a death blow as slowing work = slowing revenues. Many of the charges appear easy to prove, such as taking to large a deposit, owner provides a check he wrote, Decktech has hard time refuting that wasn't a deposit as it states in the contract, which is contained in the accusation. Easy...

So prospective customers are going to have to ask what happens if? If either, and DeckTech isn't open to warranty their work because they are suspended or revoked...well that might be a problem couldn't it? We suggest you think long and hard.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

DeckTech Recycling Old Job's With Nevada Coatings Name Swapped Out

I can't explain what the heck Ronnie is doing over there behind his computer, but recycling an old job story from 3+ years ago is and dropping mention of Nevada Coating Systems is getting sort of desperate. Recently Decktech's blog had a story about Scott R in Cayucos who had a bad tile deck...well the revised story goes on to say that they installed a "preferred deck system" for Scott.

Here's a screen grab of the first version of the post from 2013. It can be found here at DeckTech's website http://www.decktech.org/Blog.aspx#~S8K8g1
Note the prominent mention of Nevda Coating Systems in the 2013 version
Same story revised just a bit but notably drops mention of Nevada Coating Systems.
I guess the divorce is in process. 

So now you have to make decisions, when Ron is changing up his stories from "Nevada Coating Systems" to "preferred deck system", you know he's having problems with Granite Deck customers complaining. There's no more mention on his new website about Granite Deck. Granite Deck is persona non grata with them and it's out the door and onto to the products Ron disparaged so much before. Ironic right? I know. Well I posted the list of clients with deck problems, look for it and see who you might know or if you are on it.

Don't let him off if your deck has problems. Preserve your rights with a complaint to the CSLB if you deem it necessary. Read my other post on whether you were defrauded. You decide...

Call me, Bil Leys with your Decktech problems. I can help 805-801-2380

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

IS IT FRAUD? North County Property Owner Feels Stuck in Granite Deck Hell

The owner of a property in the North County has told us of his problems with the Granite Deck system he bought from DeckTech Inc. apx five years ago. The owner, who prefers to remain anonymous, related his issues with the Granite Deck system, which continue to mount despite paying an exorbitant amount for the original job and then on the yearly on DeckTechs "Annual Deck Maintenance Agreement" fee.

A few of the issues he described-
1. Sees no value in the ADMA and has lost his faith in Decktech and knows the Granite Deck System life span is very limited.

2. Cracks/splits  every year on nearly every plywood seam, despite numerous warranty repairs.

3. Extremely difficult to clean.

4. Faded in the hot sun after one year.

5. "Warranty" repairs don't come close to matching existing work.

6. With each call to Decktech, DeckTech's response time to inspect and repair the NCS coating gets longer and longer.

Dead Granite Deck system on a roof in Cayucos 
lasted apx 1 year before splitting at the seams. 

Now ask yourself, how is your Granite Deck system holding up? If you have problems similar to the one described, it's time to start looking at options.

One question to consider is, are you the victim of consumer fraud? 

Well, lets look at the definition of Consumer Fraud then; "The defrauding of a consumer of various products and services which do not perform as advertised, or overcharging and levying hidden charges through deceptive business practices.

Well, this is an excellent question isn't it? If the advertised product doesn't perform as advertised...hmmm. Deceptive Business Practices-could be under this too, after all, the ADMA is supposed to make this crap last and it's not working...Decktech knows this and is hiding the fact the system is a disaster and needs to be resealed yearly to reduce UV damage. If it's not, it's gonna fail! Even if it is, it's gonna fail IMO.

Some possible options for you are-

File a claim with the CSLB for construction defects. There's a 10 year statute of limitations for "latent" defects in construction, that is, a defect not readily observable to the eye. If your deck is suffering from splits and cracks and fading, those are probably latent defects in the application of the system. File a complaint today!

File a claim with the Attorney General's office for fraudulent claims-Decktech said this coating was like no other and only select contractors could apply it and it was the answer to every other deck coating manufacturer's "problems". Obviously it's not and if it's failing now, it's going to continue to fail. Act accordingly.

Sue in Superior Court.

Write Yelp reviews telling the world what is wrong with your DeckTech deck.

What ever you do, don't wait, it's just going to get worse.

Call us for an evaluation of your DeckTech Granite Deck job, I've assisted and am assisting other Decktech clients who have had enough. Call me, Bill Leys at 801-2380 or email SLODeckInpsector@gmail.com

Monday, February 1, 2016

Groan...This is Good For a Cheap Laugh at Least! Memo to DT-Use Spellcheck!

"At DeckTech, Inc., we have built our reputation on detail-oriented work."

But on detail oriented writing, well, forget it...how long has Ron lived here in San Luis Obispo County and he can't get this right on his company Facebook page? Click here to view it and laugh with us at DT's FB page (til Ron can figure it out and get someone to spell check for him)
Good God, is there no one looking out for Ron to
prevent him from looking dumb?
Well, actually this blog pretty much dispels a lot of DeckTech's claims about detail oriented work doesn't it now? 

Avila Beach Client of DeckTech Says G'Bye to Granite Deck and Buries It Under a Tested & Proven Coating System

In September I inspected a large roof deck in Avila Beach for some possible maintenance work. It had Decktech's Granite Deck system on it, along with a "Annual Deck Maintenance Agreement" cost that was in the owners estimation, high in cost and low in value.

I found a Granite Deck system that was rapidly in decline-it got a lot of UV exposure up on a roof and it got a lot of use from guests and residents of the property.

                                                        Failing Granite Deck system
                                 Hard to clean and impossible to clean are two repeated complaints
Life Deck Al covers stairs of property

My discussion with the owner was to either maintain what you have until failure really sets in or consider an alternative. The owner set about calculating costs-Decktech's maintenance costs, doing it himself using Life Deck clear sealers bought at Miners Ace like Decktech does, or having the failing Granite Deck system buried (encapsulated, haha, away from the deleterious effects of the environment) under a new decking system.

After making those calculations, including costs of possible loss of use, rent, time etc, this owner quashed his Granite Deck costs by using another contractor besides Decktech to install a Life Deck AL system over the existing system. The Life Deck AL and other systems like it are good alternatives to the Granite Deck, being able to be stapled right through the thin Granite Deck membrane and the polymer concrete adheres well to the Granite Deck.

Once all the applications of Life Deck AL's system are down, the result is a concrete based system that resists UV far batter than Granite Deck ever hoped it could, is actually really fire resistant unlike DeckTech advertised Granite Deck is and has FAR LOWER costs to maintain than Granite Deck costs. Actually, the owner can easily CLEAN the Life Deck AL surface with nothing more than a broom, some Simple Green and warm water.

Life Deck AL, Westcoat ALX, Pli-Deck Fire system, Desert Crete etc are all concrete based systems that attach mechanically to the deck via stapling metal lath and then acrylic cements are troweled down. They are tested and evaluated pedestrian traffic coating systems, with ICC-ES reports behind them proving they are what they say they are. See if you can find any reports for Granite Deck, I can't! I will pay $100 to the first person who can produce a report on Granite Deck showing it is Class A ASTM E-108.

Corners are especially vulnerable to wear and damage, unlike real deck systems. 
Owners stuck with Granite Deck should start making their own calculations-like what happens when/if DeckTech's license is suspended or revoked? Who will maintain my DeckTech warranty then? If I'm paying $650 a year for an ADMA agreement like Doug Snyder is or $385 a year like Robert Miles is, both in Oceano, that's the cost of a new deck over 10 years time, $6,500 for Snyder...actually they should call this plan the Annual Sucker Agreement, because that is what you are when you pay an annual fee to them for them to "maintain" a piece of crap deck system.

Slowly but surely owners are coming to the round to accepting that they need to replace their Granite Deck system, either due to continued failures (or warranty repairs per DT) at seams in particular and that their ADMA is a costly luxury that would be better invested into a long term solution rather than keeping a dead deck system on Life Support.

Your turn to decide is coming soon!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

DeckTech Quietly Removes All Mention of Nevada Coating Systems Granite Deck From New Website

“All Deck Coatings Fail” is a bold and honest response from Waterproofing Industry Leader Ron McKenna President and Founder of Decktech, Inc. , when asked if a deck coating application will last for life of structure if installed correctly?" 

A few years ago DeckTech was extolling the virtues of "Granite Deck", a coating "which is like no other" and encapsulates all nailing and flashing details...Here's a screen shot of their old web page bragging about the product. Ron McKenna sold this crap as the panacea to coatings he dissed heavily-particularly metal lath and acrylic modified concrete coatings like Desert Crete and Life Deck.
No sign or mention anywhere on Decktech's new website of Nevada Coatings System Granite Deck. Why not? Probably because it's failing everywhere they put it down.
Granite Deck, once the pride and joy of Decktech, who once bragged that few deck coating companies
can qualify to become an applicator.Now try to find any mention of Granite Deck on their website...

Recently I was browsing Decktech's website again and realized, there's no mention of Granite Deck here...indeed at the bottom of their home page is their list of affiliations with manufacturer's-listing Westcoat, Mer-Kote and Life Deck, but no mention of NCS...
No more mentions of NCS Granite Deck here at DeckTechInc.org
"All deck coatings fail" was once the bold and honest response from Ron McKenna; but now I've shown the SLO County area that the one coating that is failing all over SLO County is "Granite Deck". 

Shouldn't this read, "all NCS Deck Coatings Fail"? 

Browse my posts and you'll see all the jobs with Granite Deck I've found failing. Decktech's own warranty list is more than 20 people, many whom I'd wager have Granite Deck on them.

Decktech's "Warranty List" is over 20 names long-thats a lot!

One selling feature Decktech loved to brag about was the NCS Granite Deck system's ability to "encapsulate all nailing and flashing...like this photo screen grab shows.
Despite the hype, NCS doesn't live up to it's promises. 

Encapsulated flashing failing at The Landings in Avila Beach

Failing Granite Deck despite encapsulated flashings on a project in Cayucos

On one blog post still up at Decktech,  despite the web page featuring Granite Deck having been removed, Ron McKenna says this "I prefer the NCS-System due to the array of benefits this assembly brings to table which is also defined on our web site."  Well not anymore...no mention of the product csn be found. Ron also says in this same blog post " we are the only company in our area that is licensed and trained to install the NCS GRANITE II system which is the most advanced waterproofing system available today. And we have hundreds of satisfied customers to prove it." Huh, I think I have the evidence that NCS isn't the most advanced waterproofing system for decks (truck bed liners yes, decks, no) and I have a list of customers who would probably disagree with Ron that they are satisfied. 
So why didn't Decktech build a page for their Granite Deck system? One can only guess that the crap didn't live up to the hype Decktech created over it and it's coming back to bite them in the ass? 
If you have Granite Deck on your home, and you are experiencing problems with it-cracks, peeling etc., I recommend that you file a complaint with the CSLB immediately. Decktech can't stop it from splitting and peeling, it's a product deficiency/applicator error. Don't believe anything you are told by Decktech, and if they try to pass you off to Nevada Coatings, don't listen to David Mazor/Krubinski, owner of NCS.
Go ahead and let Mark Marsch, if he's referred to you by NCS or Decktech, inspect the deck, get his report after paying him...you can use that in court or with the CSLB. Marsch will write what Mazor tells him to when it comes to NCS defect claims. If you already have any reports from Marsch, I'd love to get a copy!
 Marsch is connected to Maxor at the hip, they owned companies together and Mark was the President of of WICR Inc, in partnership with Mazor who is the owner of that company. 
Email us at SLODeckInspector@Gmail.com with you're Decktech horror story, pictures, etc. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Is William R. "Billy Bob" Spears, The Washed Up Ex-Police Chief of City of Willows, Living Out His Last Days Running Stings on Competitors of DeckTech?


I've been hit on by men before, but it only happened when I've hung out with a couple gay friends at a "gay bar" and I told them I was straight and they stopped hitting on me...

But Billy Spears? He has a hard-on for me and  he loves playing "Dirty Harry" I guess. Jeez I thought he'd fired 6 shots but I guess it was only 5...

Billy Spears, known in life as William R Spears, an ex Santa Maria Police Dept sergeant and the ex City of Willows Chief of Police seems to have a fixation on me. He keeps on chasing me, like he's gonna "get his man". Well Billy Spears, I ain't gonna be caught...not without a fight you gonna lose anyway dumb ass. 

In all seriousness, Billy Spears has been chasing me, but it's for different reasons than wanting a Brokeback weekend with me...

Perhaps it's best to start at the beginning...back in March of 2014...I got a call from a Bill Spears to come look at a deck in Oceano on Surf Street. My calendar doesn't have the exact date that I met Bill at 321 Surf Street, but I do have his email from 4/7/14. Bill wanted to refo a deck from wood to plywood and wanted a bid. After I looked at it I kind of drifted off it, but Bill was persistent...  

"Hi Bill,

Not sure if I goofed up on email address.  I have not heard back from you on the estimate.

My email is  bill.spears33@yahoo.com

Look forward to reviewing the estimate and get going.


I didn't get it to him even then and  and then I got another email 

"Hello Bill

I still have not heard from you concerning the estimate.  My wife is unhappy with me because she wants to get this project done.  I told her that we could not do it until after Easter.  She said she wants to get the estimate and then get the start date so she can make arrangements. 
I know you are a busy guy, but I need to get the estimate, so we can set a start date as soon as possible.

I also need to arrange funding source to cover the project.  I have the money I just need to move some money aside for the project.


Bill Spears

So unknowing to me, dirtbag Billy Bob Spears is setting the bait here and luring me in...
So I did get the bid off to Bill...and then never heard from him...God that Billy Spears, he's such a tease! I never heard from Bill Spears again until June...when I got a letter from the Contractors State License Board saying that "Billy Bob" , or William R Spears as legally known, had filed a complaint against me!

Notice of a Complaint From CSLB Filed By William R Spears

I couldn't imagine what the complaint was about so when I finally spoke with the CSLB representative, she told me that it was about contracting out of class...she also told me that this complaint was especially interesting, first she said it was well documented/ordered and secondly there was a DVD video...

"What video are you talking about? I asked"  "Well, there's a video of you...talking to Spears and then by yourself measuring and then you speaking with Spears again." She said she'd never seen any complaint file like this one...and as the complaint wound down she suggested that I get a copy of the file..."You'll want to see it," she said.

All that ended up with this elaborate complaint was a warning letter in my file...
After all the effort from Spears, all he managed to
get pinned on me was a violation warning letter issued.
Apparently he wasn't content with just that.  

So after hearing about this video and wanting to learn a little more, I drove past the house where I'd meet Spears-at 321 Surf Street in Oceano. I drove past and there was my competitor's truck and crew working there-Decktech Inc. Hmm, a little surprising and I'm suspicious...I look across the street to realize that DeckTech's customer, Doug Snyder has his house at 324 Surf Street. (Scroll down to the initials DS. Hmm, is this where they filmed me from? Snyder "wrote" a review on Yelp that ...stroked DeckTech with superlatives that just don't fit well.

Google Maps shows the angle
I took a few shots to prove it was Decktech working
and checked the permits. Couldn't find one!

Looking at the map, it's easy to see the perfect camera view one would have from Snyders house over to the deck at Robert Miles. 

So lets do some sleuthing and to the internet I go...SLO County Assessors Permit View search....and I find that a Robert Miles actually owns 321 Surf Street, not Bill Spears, the guy who I met there.  Who the hell is Robert Miles? He and his wife Roberta live down in So Cal...
Easy to see who owns what online. 

Easy to see no permit exists for any deck work!
So both Doug Snyder and Robert Miles are DeckTech Inc clients. Miles and Snyder have both written Yelp reviews extolling the virtues of Decktech, like they walk on water...maybe Decktech asked them to? Wrote the review for them? Both are interesting...with digs towards checking the license. Now that advice is especially ironic with DeckTech's license hanging by a thread with the accusation against them. Yeah, check Decktech's license at www.cslb.ca.gov

So I do some more sleuthing and check for permits. Interestingly there is no permit for the work DeckTech has done in the online file. The work done included removing and replacing a railing and a whole new deck. I call the County and talk to Art Trinidad; "yes it appears that work would require a permit" he says.  "May I send you pictures proving who the contractor was? I ask"  "Please."said Art. So I emailed pics showing that they were working on this property. Then I sent CSLB a complaint that Decktech failed to pull a permit...more on that later as it develops. 

In the meantime, I start saying well who the hell is Bill Spears and what's he got to do with this and how did all this happen with video taken from a hidden location and a microphone on Bill hidden away...creepy. Bill struck me as somewhat creepy...reminded me of a stereotypical pervy uncle kind of figure.   
Spears was found to be recording conversations of his boss and others.
He also ran a blog on his boss apparently-pretty creepy guy. 
So I did some more sleuthing; I search Google for Bill Spears. Turns out he's an ex-Santa Maria PD Sergeant, blamed politics/his Chief for not getting promoted and took a job in Willows CA as Police Chief there. He was on two year contracts that automatically renewed but at some point, after Spears was found to have been writing a blog that detailed his boss' life and comings and goings, the City declined to renew his contract with him. It was then found that he had recorded without their knowledge City employees and management with a lapel camera he wore. This caused much consternation and consideration of filing charges against Spears-

From the Willows Appeal Democrat 

"No criminal charges are likely to be filed against former Willows Police Chief Bill Spears for recording City Hall staffers without their knowledge.
Mayor Jeff Cobb believes the video and audio recordings found on the Police Department's computer after Spears retired last December may rise to the level of illegal activity."
"Spears said any insinuation that he was secretly taping staff or "spying" is ridiculous."
Well, hmm, maybe not huh? He isn't above that here...
There's more- 
And Spears' personal conflict with the city manager dates back several years, Holsinger acknowledged Thursday.

"Bill is someone who does not like to be managed," Holsinger said. "He does not like having a boss and his employment records indicate as much. I didn't hire him ... but I'm sure glad he's gone."
Holsinger said he was not particularly surprised Spears had recordings of staff meetings, considering Spears' personal blog, "The Willow Tree," reported in the summer of 2012 on Holsinger's movements around town, including the precise time Holsinger entered a private building and the speculation of why he was there.
So we have a history of Spears seemingly pursuing his prey, rather people he doesn't like or resents? And here in my case, it seems that is exactly what is happening...why do I say that? Because shortly after this case wound up in 2014, I got another call from CSLB, we have another complaint about you...same guy, this time advertising.

So I fix up my website, a few social media pages...CSLB is happy. But Bill keeps complaining to them...
CSLB has what they call "nuisance complainers", people who will deliberately set up a unlicensed contractor and then let them work and then not pay them and file a complaint...people who we all know are really just pieces of doo. People like Bill Spears...

A few eeks ago I filed the paperwork to get copies of the DVD video recording and the documents in the file. This week on 1 15 2016 I got back my requests for copies of these complaints, request denied and the letters listed several reasons. 

 Hmm, I thought as I drove home, why can't I get these documents and video? While driving the phone rang..."Mr. Leys, this is the CSLB. You have an ad complaint against you..." Seems Billy Spears and his gang are back...

CSLB denies my request for copies of the complaint from Bill Spears

Second denial by CSLB for my records relating
to complaints by Billy Bob Spears 

Well, Billy Spears, Ron McKenna, Robert Miles (Click to see review written under Robin M) and Doug Snyder, I'm fighting back. There's going to be accountability and I'm bringing you, the people responsible, to account for this...

Spears, you have a sordid history and IMO, conduct not quite becoming an officer...and I hope no one hires you for police work again ever. 

We all know that before anyone gets hired, that City's search agency will run some Google searches and you are going to show up on this post...so anyone looking to hire William R Spears, if you want more information regarding this matter, contact me, Bill Leys 805-801-2380. 

So see Billy Spears? Working with Ron trying to catch me doing something that now would cost me at the most a citation with a $1200 maximum fine attached to it while you're out looking for a job as a cop isn't to bright is it? Not when this little undercover sting fiasco could end up costing you a $149,000 job huh? I've taken the time to tag all the pictures, tag the post, label it with your name so this post shows up if anyone searches for William R Spears or Bill Spears...can't be to careful now can we when Google is indexing relevant information to take every means possible to make sure it shows up on the first page of Google? 

Spying on someone doing undercover video of a criminal suspect is one thing, to be an ex Chief of Police/Sergeant and ex-Marine, well I think you're a disgrace to the badge and the Corp,  However, unlike Mr Holsinger, I'm kind of glad you're not gone...remember,from Krubinski vs Schmutzer-"truth is a complete defense against liability for defamation, regardless of bad faith or malicious purpose."

Ask Ron who Krubinski is...and yes, this post is written with intent to embarrass you in case you are wondering. Now do you care to try prove I'm lying? 

Coming next-at this time I have to talk to CSLB on Tuesday 1/19/2016 and see what they have to say after I objected and a supervisor has gotten involved. I'll update the status of my getting records, especially the DVD video.