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Monday, July 10, 2017

DeckTech's Probation Monitor Assigned to Protect the Public

DeckTech's 3 Year Probation Begin's When Their License Returns to Active Status
Probation Monitor Watches Over Probationary Licenses
At Any Time, CSLB Can Review DeckTech's Books/Contracts & Interview Employees

I a conversation today with a CSLB representative, I was provided the newly assigned Probation Monitor's contact information.

Danica Storm at the CSLB will be the Probation Monitor charged with watching over DeckTech's  activities and business procedures to ensure they are in compliance with the terms of the probation. Yes, it's just like being a criminal, there's a price to pay when you are found by CSLB and an administrative law judge to have broken laws and abandoned the job...and that price is Danica watches over them.

You can read the official documents here online  This takes you to CSLB's website.

Have you been wronged by DeckTech? Do you feel that they aren't being honest or doing the right thing?      Don't hesitate to call Danica at 916-255-4460. 

Remember, only your documentation, photograph's, videos and most importantly, your desire to help quash a bad apple in the construction community will help Danika do her job fully.